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Hi, I recently had headaches/and eye pain and went to the opto. to see if it was because of my eyes. The doctor checked my eyes and said that the eyes were not the cause of the headaches, but that I had some inflamtion/irritation in my eyes due to allergies. He gave me eyes drops. My right stoped hurting, and the headaches are gone. BUT my left eye hurts a lot every now and then. Sometimes I can actually feel like the blood pumping around the eye. I'm not sure why it is only my left eye, plus the my opto. said my eyes were healthy besides that allergy thing. Does anyone know why my left eye hurts and why I can sometimes feel like the pulse of my blood around/in there? Thanx
Hi, my problem started with a twitchy etelid (just the one) then my eye had a dull ache feel to it. At night I am also aware of a pulsing feeling in my eye, sometimes find it difficult to get to sleep. Have seen optomatrist for an eye test etc etc and she said my eye is fine, but have a slight prescription (which doesn't need worrying about yet).. Going to go back in about 6 months though to get it checked out again.

Can anyone else shed light on this one???

Im new to all this and just thought id share my experience n see if anyone can shed any light on what the problem may be. Since about last thursday (21.09) ive been experienceing some quite strange visual disturbances. I do get migranes so i assumed that it may be due to this however, altho these disturbances have decreased a great deal since the first day i started getting them they have not totaly stopped and i am starting to get quite worried. Ive just read the posts above and realised that the sensations that i am having are very similar. I have had pain in my left eye for the last 2/3 days and the visual disturbance does feel like a pulse in my eye however, i also see like greyish spray type thing (sorry its the only way i can describe it) appear infront of my eyes when i feel this pulse and the sensation lasts for literally less than a second. im not to sure weather this disturbance is in both eyes or in just the one because it happens randomly and ther is no apparent reason for it. i havent yet been to my optician because i figured it may be due to stress or something. But as i say it is quite worrying. so if anyone has had anything similar a reply would be appreciated

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