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I just got email notification of your response, thanks for your input. You mentioned that you just came off birth control pills. Maybe I should be a little more honest. I am male, but didnt develop right at puberty, and have been recently self medicating myself with hormones (estrogen\progesterone\and anti-androgen drugs) for about a year and had recently changed the dosage about two weeks before I noticed the problem (I am contimplating sexual re-assignment surgery). I stopped taking hormones after I noticed the problem. So far, my eyes seem the same, I dont see any improvement or worsening really. I know that it was wreckless to self medicate myself like that and if that did cause this, maybe I deserve it, I just hope that my eyes go back to how they were before the problem started.

I saw a doctor last week to have my liver funtion, kidney function, and thyroid checked, as well as for diabetes as possible causes of water retention. I did not mention the hormones but will if I need to. But if hormones caused the problem it would be because it affected the funtion or caused one of those four things, I would think.

The puffiness isnt directly under my eyes but more above the cheeks. In fact, its like a line curving downward from the inside corner of eye to above cheek and everything in between to under lower eyelid is puffy. But my left eye is weird, it kind looks sunken somewhat but that may be due to a demple in the middle of dark spot at corner of eye or that it is more puffy underneathe than right eye which maybe gives the appearance of the eye being sunken somewhat, but it seems to be both sunken a little directly under eye and then puffy just under that, if that makes sense. Anyway, just thought I would be more honest and add this info. I still wonder if the ant-wrinkle cream I used around eyes might be the cause, but not sure. I expect the test results next week and I am interested in what you find out on March 9th.

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