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Hey, I am sorry I haven't been around in the past day or so. I will explain in a moment!

Tony, I just degoop by using lots of hot compresses. I also found that the ocusoft lid scrubs for sensitive eyes helped, but they irritated me too much. You'd probably do well with them though. If there is goop floating arounf IN the eye, I flush it with lots of tear drops so that it floats to the lower eyelid, and then I gently touch it with a q-tip and pull it out. Or, if I can see any bit of it in the corner of my eye, I grab it with a q-tip and it usually comes out in one long string. I've had ones two inches long before!

About the dermatitis, Tony I went to a dermatologist two years ago who told me that she thought I had sebhorreic (sp?) dermatitis on my eyelids. But everybody else said no. She wanted me to use Elidel, a medication for Ecxzema (sp?) on my eyelids, but my eye doctor put his foot down!

Uber did you make an appointment with my dr?

I was there today and he said that my corneas looked pretty good, but my eyelids were crappy as far as the clogged oil glands.

Thanks for all the complements guys! I am glad I can help!

So, you wanna know why I haven't been around?

To make a long story short, on thursday I went to see the ear nose and throat doctor. My tonsils are just awful, and they have to be removed over the summer. He prescribed an anti-biotic called Ceftin, that I have taken many times before without a problem. Well, friday nit around 7:50 I took the first dose. Then I went to the bathroom and was about to leave the house. All of a sudden my hands started getting really itchy and red. I told my mom "Mmmmmmmoooommmmm, I think something is happening to me here!" She made me call the pharmacy and they told me I was having an allergic reaction to the Ceftin, and to take Benadryl immediately. I did, but it didn't help. My mom called the doctor. I started turning beet red and swelling up and getting itchy and shaking all over. I started having tightness in my chest, and my parents had to call 911. They came and took me to the hosptial where they were already waiting for me. I got an immediate shot of Benadryl and they gave me Prednisone and Pepsid (which absorbs the allergens) and put me on a heart monitor. It took about 15 minutes after getting the shot of benadryl for me to start to feel any better. The itching subsided, but I was still very swollen and extremely red, and shaking. It took about 2 hours for the reaction to fully stop. They said I was having an anaphylactic reaction. My skin was on fire! I am still a little red, and fairly itchy today, but I am much better. I have to take 50mg of Benadry 3 times a day for the next 5 days and 40 mg of Prednisone 2 times a day for the next 5 days, and 20mg of Pepsic 2 times a day for the next 3 days. So my ear nose and throat doctor changed me to an anti-biotic that IO am not allergic to, and this one even the pharmacist said I wouldn't be allergic to! I've taken one pill and so far so good!

Since I am taking Prednisone I have to go back to the eye doctor on wednesday to get my pressure checked. He doesn't miss a beat. Before I even told him what happened, he walked in the room and looked at me and said "what's with the redness?"
Thanks for the advice, Purple. Sure am sorry to hear of your horrible experience. Mine today hasn't been that bad, but a far cry from good. The eyelid was swollen more and the goop so bad, I only saw part of church with one eye! "Nice".
I'm a bit rougher than I should be with the goop. I just soak the Q-Tip with hot water (warm by the time its on the eye) and go "fishing"! I guess I should try to break it up like you do, be more gentle, but I have more things to do than "live" in the john.:( I'm in there now half the lousy day! I'm going to have to step the warm soaks back up to 2 or 3 times daily instead of only once. I can see this mess is going to back me into a corner if I give it an inch.

My goop is so thick, it doesn't float easily. It's dry chunks, to be precise! It looked like a fly had puked in my eye this a.m.! There is still some in there too as I type.

Well, I'll post this one for now. Depressed as usual, and feeling little if any, hope.

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