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Hi everyone. Well, I am one day away from my follow-up appointment at my oph.

Today I was driving and I noticed something weird in my left eye. It felt like there was something in it, but it didn't hurt, it just felt a little weird and blurry when I blinked. I looked in the mirror and what I saw freaked me out!!! It look like I had a contact lens in my eye that was a little bunched up, like folded, over my cornea. But I'm not wearing contacts!! I pulled over immediately and when I looked again, it was gone and everything seemed fine. I even touched my eye to see if something was "loose" and it wasn't. So I'm HOPING that maybe I was just seeing things... but... I don't know. Is it possible my stinkin' cornea is coming off my eye?? what the heck?? has anyone heard of this??? This really isn't helping as I'm having some anxiety issues lately and every little thing makes me worry.

The other problem is the past 2 days, my right eye has hurt when I look severely to the left or right. It hurts [I]behind [/I] the eye, almost like the muscles or whatever hold my eye in is sore. Anyone had this before? Needless to say, it's just another thing to make me worry.

I feel like I've got something really wrong with me. I've been having heart palpitations, dizziness, and last night for no reason, suddenly, my stomach hurt and my face got really, really, hot. I have a few heart tests coming up. I just wish these little things would stop happening. They make me worry, then I go on the internet and start thinking I have cancer or brain tumors or something. It's almost like my worrying and anxiety have gotten much worse. Sometimes I have to make myself breathe and relax and call my boyfriend to help calm me down.


I've been doing the warm compresses usually 3x a day and using Patanol drops twice a day. The compresses seem to help a little. I have noticed that my eyes feel much better on weekends and much worse at work. I don't know exactly why. Hope you are all hanging in there...I plan on posting tomorrow with the results of my Dr. appt. THanks for giving me a place to vent.

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