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Re: Red Eyes
Jun 26, 2005
I really cannot answer that question, all depends on the cause. If it is from not blinking enough, you can correct that.

If your eyes have stopped producing enough tears, there is a new medicine called Restasis that helps encourage the eyes to produce tears (last resort eyedrop). I am using this med. Also, depending on how dry eyes are and whether eye drops correct the problem, plugs can be put in the lower tear ducts in order to keep more tears in the eyes and not drain away. I now have the lower tear duct plugs.

You see, mine was caused by Rosacea going into eyelids and then Blepharitis (infection of oil glands). Blepharitis has been cleared for now, but, eyes are still too dry. I do hot soaks on eyelids , eyelids scrub with baby shampoo solution, to keep oil glands healthy and keep Blepharitis at bay. Then I use Restasis morning and night to encourage natural tears, then use Refresh Celluvisc every 2 hrs. and Refresh PM at bedtime.

You may have something entirely different from dry eyes, but the above will be of help in case you are diagnosed with dry eyes.

As a rule dry eyes is a chronic problem.

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