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Re: Eye-Yi-Yi!
Aug 1, 2005
Glad to hear that the movers are going to help you pack. One piece of advice though -make sure to keep all of your medications, especially your eyedrops, with you! I wouldn't pack those in the moving van! I would want to make sure I have access to my medicine at all times!

How has the gunk been lately? Mine is the same as always. My upper right eyelid also feels very sensitive, like I might be developing a blocked oil gland or something. At the moment, I am not doing any compresses - hot or cold. He told me to stop the hot ones because they were making my eyes more inflamed. I did cold ones as ordered for a few days after the initial flare up, but now they are back to their normal, cruddy, crappy selves and I just can't be bothered. Guess when I am sitting here, unable to speak or eat from the tonsil surgery, and too tired from my pain medicine to get on the computer or do anything else, that will be the ideal time for a cold compress on the eyes! (or hot, if he puts me back on those tomorrow.)

You know, of all the things I am worried about for the tonsil surgery, I am worried about my eyes the most! The thing is that when I wake up, whether it is from a full night's sleep or just a nap, my eyes are bone dry and I absolutely must put tear drops in them the second I open my eyes. I always have tear drops on my nighttable beside my bed. It happens even though I put ointment in my eyes before I go to sleep. So, my concern is this: Who is going to have my tear drops and put them in for me the very second I open my eyes in the O.R. or the recovery room, depending on where I wake up? I am not even going to be able to speak to tell them that I need them! If I remember correctly, the last time I had surgery, I was able to give a packet of tear drops to the O.R. nurses and they gave them to the recovery room to hold for me. Then I was able to ask for them when I got there and put them in myself. But I am not going to be able to ask for them if I can't speak, after my throat surgery! This has got me very concerned! I could scratch my corneas! I am hoping that if I tell the O.R. nurses that I need to have tear drops put in my eyes immediately upon waking up, they will be able to hold onto my Bion Tears for me like they did last time and either put them in for me when I open my eyes, or give them to the recovery room nurse and just instruct him/her for me that the second I open my eyes I must have tears! At the very least, my parents will eventually be allowed into the recovery room soon after I wake up, and they will KNOW that I need my tears! My mom will have my entire make-up case full of eyedrops with her (she doesn't know this yet, but she will have it!) I am going to have to learn some sign language! Do you think that maybe if I just grab the nurse and point to my eyes, she will know to put tear drops in for me? I told my mom that since for the first few days after surgery I'll probably be unable to speak (it will be too painful) if I walk over to her and I hand her the phone and I am pointing to my eyes, that means EYE EMERGENCY! Call the eye doctor and get me to him!

I guess if I can't speak to the nurses to communicate my eyedrop needs, I can always let them know that I want to write something and tell them that way! Or, if like last time, my packet of Bion Tears is on the desk in the recovery room, I can just point and kick until they understand what I want! Too bad I can't just sneak a packet into the O.R. and hold it in my hand while I am lying there on the table during surgery!

You don't think there will be any nurses there with mental telepathy, do you? Maybe if I just THINK of eyedrops, they will understand and get them for me! LOL!
Re: Eye-Yi-Yi!
Aug 7, 2005
Hi guys! I'm alive! Feel like someone wripped something out of the back of my throat though. Oh wait, he did!

Tony, I don't think it is the Bion Tears that caused the problem with your eyes. There really is absolutely nothing in it that you could be allergic to, and that doesn't even really sound like an allergic reaction to me. Sound more like a stye or an infection. Probably just a coincidence that it happened at the same time you tried the Bion Tears. I am glad to hear that the move went well. Are you all settled in now?

My surgery went very well. The hospital has a beautiful new ambulatory surgery center. From the minute I walked in, I started asking who I should tell about my eyedrop needs. They told me to just let the nurse who takes me back into the pre-op area know. I told her, and she told me to tell the O.R. nurse who would be with me during the surgery, as well as the anesthesiologist. Little did I know that because of all of my medical problems, I was going to have TWO anesthesiologists with me! They were both sooooooooo nice. So I told the guy that I met first, who started the IV. Then I told the other guy when he came out to introduce himself. I told them that if I didn't get tear drops as soon as I opened my eyes, I could scratch my corneas. They assured me that they wouldn't let that happen. The nurse helped me put my FML ointment in before they took me to the O.R. I always do it myself, but my left hand was taped up and unable to move because of the IV, so I used my right hand to pull down the lids, and she squeezed the ointment in for me! I told her to give the ointment back to my mom, and just take my tear drops to the O.R. But the anesthesiologists both said they wanted to have the ointment with them just in case. So, they put me to sleep and did the surgery, and when I woke up, the very first thing I remember hearing is one of the anesthesiologists telling the nurse to get those tear drops into my eyes before I opened them. Then I just remember feeling her pull my eyes open and put a drop, and then I fell back to sleep. Everything went very well, and I was extremely happy with the way they handled my special eye needs. Even in the recovery room when I couldn't speak, the nurse had the drops and told me just to motion with my hand if I wanted them. What I thought was really cool was that when I got them back, I saw that they had taped together my packet of Bion Tears and my tube of FML ointment, and labeled it with the same information that was on my hospital bracelet, so they'd know it was MY medication and not theirs, and how to contact me if it was left behind.

The recovery is going pretty smoothly so far. I have been in a lot of pain, but I am taking the tylenol with codeine every 4 hours on the dot. I am living on pudding, farina, and yogurt. Tonight I am going to attempt some very loose mashed potatoes. Starting on wednesday I am allowed to start having things like soft boiled eggs and other semi-solid foods! It's a good thing that I like pudding cause it's all I was able to get down for the first two days!

The only problem that has arisen is that I seem to have developed oral thrush. (a yeast infection in my mouth.) Because of the fact that they had to put all of these instruments in my mouth and push my tongue around, my tongue is VERY swollen and sore. Until yesterday it didn't even fit in my mouth! But I noticed that I have this thick yellowish coating and a really bad taste in my mouth. So my mom called the surgeon and he was concerned enough that he opened up his office on saturday just for me, and he took a culture and prescribed an anti-fungal medication for me to swish around in my mouth. He said it's not normal to have that after a tonsilllectomy, but it's probably because I have a slightly dry mouth anyway, and my mouth had to be open for so long during the surgery. But while I was there he took a peek at my throat (much to my dismay because I had to open my mouth more than an inch!) and he said that everything is healing nicely. I have to go back on thursday for myofficial post op visit though. I had to bring the culture to the lab, and boy were they idiots! I can only whisper because it hurts too much to talk. That's why my parents have mostly been doing all of my speaking for me! My dad couldn't find a parking spot though, so I had to be the one to go in. I immediately whispered that I just had my tonsils out and I can't speak loudly, so please listen carefully. They just couldn't get this. They kept asking me to speak up and speak more clearly. Meanwhile, my tongue is so swollen it doesn't fit in my mouth! How can I speak more clearly? I'VE JUST HAD SURGERY! Finally I just handed the moron my insurance card and told her to take all the information she needed from that, because I wasn't speaking aymore. She still didn't get it! She actually had the nerve to ask me how to spell the word "tongue"! My doctor had written a prescription for a tongue culture for yeast and bacteria, but apparently she couldn't figure out how to spell the word! DUH! Just look at the prescription that he wrote! Or better yet, ask the person sitting next to you, who can SPEAK! She was so STUPID! I told her I had just had surgery on my throat, and she kept wanting me to SPEAK! :rolleyes: I literally walked out of there shaking my head and muttering under my breath! I just hope they don't screw up the test!

My dad thought that my surgeon had regular office hours that day and that they were just squeezing me in. I said "no, he never has satyrday office hours. He is here just for me." I somehow seem to find these compassionate doctors who don't mind giving up a saturday morning (or a new years day!) for their patients.

Walgreens has also been very nice. I needed a refill on my tylenol with codeine, but they didn't have any. My dad went in there and told them that they better damn well find some, because I just had surgery and I needed it! Do you know that they actually sent somebody over to another store to get it for me? They felt very bad that they didn't have it, and have promised that if I need another refill, it will be there.

My dad is so cute. When I was in surgery he went down to the gift shop and bought me a balloon and a stuffed purple bunny. He named the bunny "tonsils". He said that when he had his tonsils out as a kid he had a teddy bear with that name. :)

Mom has been babying me and cooking me farina by the gallon!

I actually hadn't been online because for the first two days after surgery, I wasn't allowed to get out of bed. They are afraid that if you move too much, you'll bleed. Of course, I didn't exactly [I]stay[/I] in bed! I moved from the bed to the recliner to the sofa, to the kitchen to eat, and back to the bed! I am not even supposed to leave the house for the first 5 days, because of the risk of infection. But yesterday I had to go back to the surgeon because of the tongue thing.

And wouldn't you know it? The day after surgery my parents left me alone for an hour to do a little food shopping and get me more pudding, and there I was laying in bed feeling something poking me in the eye! I got up and went and looked in the bathroom mirror, and flushed it with tears a few dozen times but I still couldn't get it out. I couldn't see it either! I had no idea what it was, but it HURT! Finally, after about ten minutes of me flushing it and poking around with a q-tip, I began to see a speck of an eyelash coming down, in the corner underneath my upper lid. Once I was it, I was able to pull the lid up a little and grab the strand of mucus that it was caught in, and pull it right out. I'll tell ya, never a dull moment. And my parents weren't even home for me to give them our emergency signal to call the eye doctor! (I hand them the phone and point to the eye!) So far, no more emergencies though.

Well, I better go get back in bed now. The Tylenol w/Codeine is starting to take effect! Believe it or not, this is the most I have "spoken" in days!
Re: Eye-Yi-Yi!
Aug 16, 2005
Well, mom and I went to the eye doctor today, and after teasing the heck out of him like he always does to me, he said that my eyes actually look pretty good. He said that my corneas are pretty decent as far as dryness goes (which is the best they have been in a while!) and whatever infectection I had seems to be gone. Then mom got in the chair, and she was complaining that one of her eyes was blurry, and they are both sticking together when she wakes up in the morning. So he looked over at me and was like "well Dr. Elyse, what did you tell your mother to do for this?" So I said that I told her that her eyes are probably dry, and that she should be using tear drops a lot more than she is, and using hot compresses. AND DOES SHE LISTEN TO ME? NO! Well, I think he freaked her out when he told her that her eyes look worse than mine do this time. Both of us had the same intra-ocular pressure (13). My mom has been using tear drops called "Soothe". He actually said that they are really really good drops and he wants me to try them a few times a day in place of the Bion Tears. He said they are very milky drops and a lot of people find them more soothing and more lubricating than regular tear drops. So he hooked me up with some samples. LOL, I peaked over his shoulder when he was in the sample closet, and I said "Whoa, I've hit the mother lode!" He's got a stock of different samples from floor to ceiling in that closet! I've never seen so many eyedrops in my life! It was like I had died and gone to eyedrop heaven!

He also said that my mom has something called "Map Dot Fingerprint Dystrophy" on her corneas (he had told her that once before too.) Basically, she has thin corneas. It doesn't mean anything except that she has to be careful not to scratch them, and she could never have lasik surgery. So then he said "hey, now we know where you get your problems with the dry corneas from Elyse! Yours aren't thin yet, but this is hereditary!" Great, another thing to worry about! :rolleyes:

Oh, and Walgreens never did call him about my anti-depressant prescription. They weren't supposed to! Apparently they called my PCP about it, but just put the wrong name on the prescription. Or, they just decided to give me more without getting in touch with the doctor! LOL!

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