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Re: Eye-Yi-Yi!
Aug 17, 2005
Monin', Faith! You're a sight for blepharitic, cataractic eyes this fine monin'!;) Sure good to "see" you.

Well, believe it or not, the friend and I patched things up and we're good to go again.:D She explained some things which really made sense, and I do feel for her. She's not really had a fair shake from life. In her life, 3 men have hurt her badly, and she's really feeling the bitterness from it and having to struggle and live alone. I'm thankful we ironed this out, because she really does mean well and loves me and Barb--cares for us.

The left eye just doesn't get any better. Last several days, I've had a thick looking clear gel coating at the edge. I don't "think" it's pinkeye, but try to get in to see my Dr.! The gel wasn't as wide spread this a.m. and less redness, so maybe it isn't that, just the bleph. flexing it's muscles.

I'm going to ask my doc about these cataract drops and see what his reaction is. In fact, as I've got this spanking new HP printer, I may write him a long, let it all hang out, letter! Give him something to mull over before I see him. If they have it in writing, it may tend to stick better. I don't know if the new apartment is doing it, or the month long high humidity, but my eye is so full of garbage, I can hardly see at any given moment! Too, the cataract is in play here, so it's a no winner. The rt. eye is starting to be too strong now, so if I don't have that one, I'm out of it.

Barb's mouth is still sore, and the arm. I may get our local dr. to look at the arm if she's no better by Thurs. He was out of town, and this was the advice that another clinic doc gave us.

Well, I'll scat. Don't be shy, just jump in and yak with us, Faith. I sure wasn't saying anything that earth shaking.:D Always good to see ya'.

Have a better day visually, and in all ways,
Tony & Barb

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