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Hi Tony, Elyse, Missy & Michelle.
I can see that everyone is still having goopy, dry, blurry eyes. Me too. Don't know if it's the heat, my age, or the construction dirt flying around at work, but feel just like you all...pretty dry, irritated & gritty.
Michelle, I get my flaxseed oil from a place called Whole Foods because it's pretty much an organic food store, and they have it refrigerated. It's kind of pricey, but just taking 1 tbsp a day, even the small bottle, lasts about a month. I've heard of people mixing it with yogurt, or using it on their salads with vinegar, as a dressing, but I just take it straight. It doesn't taste that bad (I kind of like it) and after a few times you get used to the oily thing. Isn't any worse than cough meds etc! I wouldn't say it's a miracle & you notice a difference fast, but over time, I think it has helped a lot. I wear contacts from 6:30 in the a.m. till about 10:00 p.m. and they don't feel like potato chips anymore. So it's kind of subtle, but I do notice a difference.
Hey Elyse...have you tried that misting spray thing they sell? It seems kind of wierd,and I don't know if I could keep my eyes open when I see a mist coming at me, but it kind of looks interesting. But probably not cost effective if you need it all the time. Can't even think of what it's called, but know there was a TV commercial for it awhile back. Just curious. Sure wish you could find something for your work environment. I usually just go outside and get some fresh air, but now it's just dirt fling everywhere.
Missy & Michelle, Sure sorry you all have had such trying experiences with the Lasik.
I probably would've wanted it myself, had I not had all those other eye surgeries. So, don't beat yourself up over it. Anyone with glasses or contacts would love to have nice clear vision without having to wear glasses. You both know that just from looking around when you go into the office of the Lasik Ctrs. EVERYONE wants to see without glasses! Me too! I'm sure in time you both will have the dryness become less & less.
Everyone heals at different "speeds" from surgery, so it just takes time. You both will be fine.
Hey Tony, how'd the A-scan go? Did you get all your questions & concerns answered?
You'll do fine on the surgery, and It will definetly improve your vision. My boss is having his cataract surgery tomorrow at 9 am, then a week out of work...and back to normal living (with some more healing time of course, but the worst will be over!) He told me today, he can't read anything on the eye chart, so he's let his go a LONG time!
I;ll know how he is doing in about a week...Back on Halloween I think!
Take care everyone, & check back when I can.
Faith :)
Hi Missy,

Yes, the internet has been bad news for me too. I just know that my anxiety wouldn't be nearly as bad if I had not read all the stuff that is out there. I don't know what I was thinking when I did! Several weeks ago I posted on an "ask lasik docs" site practically begging for someone to give me an encouraging reply. I explained how anxious I was and specifically asked for POSITIVE stories only! I hadn't been back there to check it in a while because I was having no luck, but I went yesterday and got an awful response. It was totally the opposite of what I needed to hear. I understand that some people are still dealing with this, and I really do feel bad for them, but I thought the response was very rude and uncalled for since I had specifically asked for encouragement. It really brought me down :(.

I can understand warning people who are thinking about having lasik, but not scaring people who have already had it and are trying to heal. Anyway, I'm never going back to that site or anywhere else except here. I really do think that there are probably many slow healers out there, however it is only the people who are really pleased (had no problems) or really disgusted (still having problems) that will take the time to tell their story. Seriously though..every where you look it says it can take 3-6 months or longer to heal. Why would they say that if it didn't take some people that long to heal!!?? I will also be out here when I'm healed (try to keep thinking "when" instead of "if"!) to support others going through this!!!

I've also started a journal, but it is mostly just my thoughts. I usually write in it when I'm feeling really low and feel a crying fit coming on...sometimes it helps..sometimes it doesn't. I also try to write in it on my real good days and then I go back and read about them when I'm having a bad one to remind myself that there will be more good days coming :)!

My doc told me to wash out the ointment with water in the mornings. I tried that but the water kinda irritated my eyes. Honestly, since I've been using the ointments again this week, I haven't had too many problems once I wake. I just wash my face with a wash cloth to get it off from around my eyes (sometimes it still looks all shiny around my eyes when I get to work though! it just doesn't come off!), but I haven't had to rinse my eyes out that much. I wonder if that is a good sign? Maybe my tears kinda wash it away during the night?? I know before when I used it I was using the Bausch & Lomb stuff (I think that is what you said you used?), and it was still kinda goopy in the morning. So, I would rinse it out with drops..the thinner kind like the Bausch & Lomb ones or the Target Brand ones (I think they are generic Refresh Plus). That was more comfortable than putting water in my eyes.

Well, I hope you have a great weekend! I'll check back at some point. Happy thoughts only! We are gonna make it through this! When I was in last week they had that video playing that you watch before your surgery, and when talking about dry eye, the video even said that dryness could last for several months following the surgery! Also, I've definitely read that if you have slight dry eyes before it can make the healing process even longer, so just hang in there, and I will try to do the same! We are not even at 4 months yet, and there is still plenty of time left!

Yeah, there is so much negative stuff out there on the internet. You've got to know how to sift through it all. I find the internet helpful for doing research and finding out about statistics and such, but I try not to read people's personal testimonials on the other websites. If I read something good about a drop, I set my expectations too high. If I read something bad, then I get nervous and won't use it. I think it's best just to try everything for yourself. People's bodies are very different. What works for you may not work for the next person. What harms you may be great for somebody else. Most of the world has no problem with certain eyedrops. I do. You have to know your own body. Most of the world would never get an infected corneal ulcer that did not respond to regular anti-biotics and took two months to heal. I did. Some people had horror stories about their adult tonsillectiomy. Mine was just fine and I healed great. You have to take things that people tell you about their own experiences and just kinda put them in the back of your mind. People can tell you what happened to *them*, but nobody knows how YOUR body is going to react to surgery or medication until you have it.

My dad had surgery on his mouth and sinus cavity 25 years ago and he still has a numb spot on his face.

Tony, how are your nerves, what with the surgery getting closer and everything?

Yeah, my doctor is really wonderful. I'm sorry, I don't mean to keep talking about him. I feel like I'm throwing it up in everyone's faces that I have a great doctor and you guys don't. :( That's certainly not what I intend to do. :( I wish for all of you a doctor like mine. I wish I could clone him and send him to all of you. Missy, yes he was the one who sent me to the Wilmer Eye Institute. He had a friend there who is world renowned for his work with people with external diseases of the eye, including dryness and corneal problems. This doctor is involved with several trial studies and he is really on the cutting edge. He has to be among the top five corneal specialists in the country. They had met at a conference in North Carolina. They became friends, (LOL, they went white water rafting together in NC!) and they kept in touch. He said that at every subsequent conference, my doctor came up to him to talk about his most difficult patient ever (me!) and ask his advice. He was the director of the cornea/external disease service and I think he was on the board of medical directors for the hospital. His name is Dr. Terrence O'Brien. He's wonderful. What a nice man. He's soooooo gentle. I was so nervous when I went there, because it was the first time that anybody besides my own doctor had examined my eyes. I was totally freaked! It was sooooooooooo weird having someone else on the other side of the microscope! I could not get used to it! (His intern examined me first, and he very quickly got the boot when he tried to touch my eye with a q-tip!) Dr. O'Brien really put me at ease. I asked him what, if anything, I should be doing differently. He had my records from my doctor, because in order to get an appointment we had to send them to him and he would look them over and see if he thought he could help me, He said that he looked at them and knew right away that he had to examine me himself! He even asked me if I was as excited about the appointment as he was! LOL! He looked at the hundred and fifty billion page chart that we sent him prior to my coming, and he said that there isn't one single thing that he would have changed about my treatment. He just wanted to get a look at the condition of my eyes for himself so he could make the best decision. He actually told me that my local doctor here in Staten Island is probably one of the best ophthalmologists he has ever met. He said that after having read his papers and worked with him, he thinks I could not ever expect to find a better, more concerned doctor. He wanted to know what I was doing at Wilmer, 4 hours from my home, when I have such a great doctor here! I was very impressed, because this is coming from a man who is recognized worldwide in this field. I saw him several times after that because he was thinking about putting me into a trial study for Diquafosol. But I didn't qualify. :(

I never really needed him again after that first visit, but he asked me to come down once a year so he could keep track of my "progress" (what progress?) and see what my doctor had come up with! So I did. I saw him about 3 or 4 times. I recently got a letter from him telling me and all of his other patients that he has resigned his position at Wilmer in order to go to The Bascom Palmer Eye Center in Florida, for an even more prestigious position. I hope to never need his expertise in corneal problems, but I would certainly not have a problem getting on a plane to Florida. (we keep our fingers and toes crossed that I never get another ulcer like the one I had!)

The only thing he did suggest to me is that I try some thicker drops like Refresh Celluvisc, and he helped me tweak my treatment a little bit by adding a dose here and lessening a dose there. Not much had to be done, he said.

I don't remember what the second Schirmer test showed for my TBT either. I don't think they told me.

Missy, since you don't seem to be getting such great treatment at Lasik Plus, it might be worth it to go to Emory. It can't hurt. Your health insurance should cover it under your major medical coverage. (But then again, since it is the result of Lasik Surgery, will they cover it?)

That said, my eyes took a beating today in the wind. They're really watery and goopy. I haven't had much white stringy stuff, but my lids have a lot of crap on them. We are having torrential rains here. That, and the heat in the school building and the fact that I have a cold is not helping any. I have crust, crust and more crust.
Hi guys! :wave:

Elyse - I sure hope that you can get some relief soon. I'm sure that your doctor will fix you right up tomorrow, just hang in there! :) I know that goopy eyes are no fun. Sometimes I wish I could just pop my eyeballs out and soak them for a while, like dentures or contacts, and then when they are good and moist I could just pop them back in.

Tony - I'm glad that you are being gentle and taking good care of that eye. It sounds like it is healing nicely. I know that the blepharitis is no fun though. I don't get the crusts, but my oil glands are clogged up making my dry eyes even more crummy.

Faith - Hope those eyes are feeling better this week! The weather seems to have warmed back up a bit so maybe that will help. I'm praying for a mild winter!

Michelle - Do you get any crusty stuff on your lashes, or is it just mainly clogged oil glands like mine?

:) Check in later! Adios, Amigos!


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