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Tony, I am so glad that you got an appointment so quickly and that it seems the problems you are experiencing will be easily fixed. I like to hear good news. :)

My eyes, however, are giving me nothing but trouble. :( I actually had to get an emergency appointment for this afternoon because the right eye is so irritated and painful. I kept apologizing for being such a pain in the neck, but he said he'd rather me come in immediately when I have a problem, rather than wait too long. Even if it turns out to be nothing, he said he'd rather check it out to be on the safe side, given the past problems I have had, especially with my right eye. I always get nervous when the right eye starts to act up because I had the ulcer in that eye. It was so painful (I can remember crying from the pain). I never want anything like that to happen again. This time I thought for sure that I had an abrasion on the right eye, or something in it. But he said it just looks really, really, really dry. I don't know what else to do. I have used so much Bion Tears in the past few weeks that I really need to buy stock in the company!

I am really going to look into getting a pair of goggles to wear when it is really windy out, or when the heat is on. You know, big Mets fan that I am, I noticed that one of their backup catchers always wears goggles when he plays. So I just have to try to convince myself that this is the *cool* thing to do!

My eyes were so dry today that I couldn't even keep them open for the 5 minutes he needed to look in them. :( But I'm relieved that right now it is nothing more than severe dryness.

The right one hurts very badly from the dryness, no matter how much I lubricate.

I am going to go try the gel drops again.

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