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Hi. My name is Sasha, and I've been suffering from what has been diagnosed as Dry Eye for almost a year now. In my estimation, my condition started back in Oct. of '04 when I developed a nasty eye infection. I was treated with antibiotic drops, and the infection seemed to subside. However, from then on out, my contacts got more and more uncomfortable to wear (note that I wore contacts for 5 years prior to this without a single problem). In February of '05, I suddenly couldn't see (particulary up close, which I had never had a problem with before). I went to an optometrist who said that I had corneal abrasions, and, hence, put me on a steroid antibiotic. My vision seemed to improve, but shortly thereafter I developed the intense pain (mainly characterized by a chronic burning/sensitivity, which seemingly is worse upon exposure to florescent light) which I have experienced since then. After that, I saw an opthamologist who confirmed the corneal abrasion diagnosis and told me, simply, to use artifical tears. When that didn't work, he prescribed about 3 different eyedrops (Volatern and some others I cannot recall at the moment), which also was completely unsuccessful. Then it was on to the steroid drop Lotemax, and then Restasis. Strangely enough, somewhere within this time frame, I had about 3 weeks of pain free days. However, the symptoms returned, and I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what I was doing differently at that time! After all of this , I returned to this opthamologist yet again, told him I was still in pain, and he promptly--at least in my perspective--seemed to "poo-poo" my complaint, and sent me away with no answers and a $70 bill. I then took it upon myself to travel about 3 1/2 hours away to Duke University where I saw a specialist for a total of about 10 minutes. She decided that my tear breakup time was way too fast, put plugs in my tear ducts, and put me on Dioxycycline (this was almost a month ago now). The plugs promptly came out, and I followed up locally with yet another opthamologist. This opthamologist did the strip test, and determined that my tear production was adequate (he seemed mystified as to why I would have received a dry eye diagnosis, although he did not do any of the other tests available). However, I insisted upon having my punctums closed surgically (I only had two done, not all four), which he did on the next day. But here I am, about 2 1/2 weeks later, still experiencing the unrelenting pain. I have an appointment with a regular MD tomorrow to see if I cannot get a refferal to a neurologist....I forgot to mention my other symptom involves painful headaches, totally unaffected by OTC pain meds, unlike any headache I have ever had before. These are not as chronic, however....I simply get them on occasion.
I AM BEGGING FOR SOMEONE'S HELP. This condition has sent me into a horribly depressive state, which gets worse and worse the more I try things that do not work. I've put on weight, had to postpone law school, and am just throughly at a loss for what to do now. Should I get an MRI? Go to a rheumatologist and ask to be tested for Srojen's? Or perhaps just give up completely? Ironically, I have cried so many tears over this. Please, please, please help me. case it has been hard to gather from the above info.,my current regime is Dioxycycline twice daily at 100mg per dose, and Restasis twice daily. I was also wondering how long it will take for the Dioxycycline to take effect if it is, in fact, going to work. Thank you all so much in advance for taking to time to read this. I really am at my whits end....not sure I can go on much longer like this.

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