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Hey Soulution,
Sorry to hear you're having such problems...

I can only answer your questions as they pertain to my experience, 'cause every person and their situation is different. My eyes are at the far end of the spectrum for severe dryness. Nothing else worked for me. I have been wearing them for about six months.

Yes, the lens does help me with burning and irritation as long as I am wearing them, which is about 13 hours a day. The little corners at each end of my eyes still sting and burn, because the lens doesn't cover that part, so I still have to wear goggles in wind, etc. But that is better than having the entire eye disabled, which is what I would be without them, because my eyes are so dry. I have the upper and lower puncta plugged, also, which helps my eyes blink over the lens without feeling so dry. I don't use artificial
tears to wet the lenses while I'm wearing them, but other people do if they need to.

I do have some larger and smaller red veins in my eyes due to the lens, but they are not that noticeable to other people and they don't hurt or anything like that. Dr. Rosenthal assured me that they would not be a problem. My eyes get redder when the lens is out, but it's probably due to increased dryness and "backflow" from released lens pressure. The lens only rests on it's rim, on the sclera (white part) the rest of the lens domes over the eye slightly in order to hold fluid.

I had to gradually increase my wearing time, in about two weeks I was wearing it 12 to 13 hrs a day, which I think is about average. For severely dry eyes, the lens can cloud or haze within a few hours due to accumulated
tear debris, then it should be removed and fresh solution put in. This happens with some people, and others not.

For people like me, this lens is a wonderful device that has given me sight that I otherwise would not have due to such severe dryness.

Good luck, and please let me know how it goes!


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