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The fluorescent headlights really bother me. I've learned to use the tilt on the rearview mirror to deflect the bright headlights, but it's the headlights from oncoming cars that bother me most.

What I'm talking about mostly is sunlight and bright fluorescent lights though. Today was the first day in weeks that I wasn't totally blinded by the sun. And that's only because there *was no sun*! It was a VERY cloudy day. Not a spot of blue in the sky. I am extremely light sensitive even in normal sunlight lately, and sometimes even indoors with the bright lights in the school lunchroom. They are not really that bright, but to me they are. Sometimes I can barely open my eyes. In my bedroom, I intentionally put only one bright bulb in the fixture on my ceiling fan, and that is only there because I need enough light to read my college textbooks. It's a 100 Watt bulb. The other ones are weak little 60 Watt bulbs. I've even got a flat panel screen on my computer to reduce the glare, but sometimes that gets bad too.

Ugh, today I actually had to get off of the expressway and pull over to get a long, annoying string of mucus out of my eye. Haven't had to do that in a while either. I hate when it happens when I'm driving. First the sun glare, and then that. My eyes can't handle it anymore.

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