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Hi you all Dry Eyed ones,

I've been suffering with Dry Eyes since 4-5 years.
I had allergies against hay, and I got eye infections quiet often, so I began to treat these infections by myself without seeing a eye doctor!

So after years of having allergies and using wrong kind of eye medication,
I got DRY EYES that just killed me. by the time of 2004 my eyes were SEVERLY DRY, After seeing the 5th eye specialist here in Munich, Germany, where I am living, I got Punctum plugs in my lower tear ducts and my upper ones are closed.

I almost didn't have any tears and it was just HORRIBLE, it's like having sand in your eyes all day long, well anyway, after I got these plugs, my eyes got a lil bit better, but only a "little", so I took vitamins, drank litres of water, ate healthy, but there wasn't much difference, I didn't know about "Restasis" until february this year. Because this medication isn't in the market yet in Germany.

I knew that Restasis needs a very long time until it actually works, Some have been using it with plugs in for about 10 months, and then they did find that their tear quality has got way better. I've been using restasis only since 4 weeks, but I found it quiet surprising that since about a week I haven't been putting tear drops every hour like I did initially, I usually use to wet my eyes 10-12 times a day or even more, but now I only do so twice or thrice, hmm I don't know, and I am optimistic that Restasis might even work sooner on my eyes, but well, let's see!!!???.

Take care, and I wish you all the best


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