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:rolleyes: i have been struggling and seeing doctors for 8 years about dye eye. i have tried restasis to no avail, since i guess my oil ducts are not producing oil to keep the tears on the eyes. i produce enough tears, so restasis, after about 5 months burned so much and i stopped doc was not certain they would help anyway caz of tne oil ducts. had eye surgery in 2002 on wrinkles on the whites of my eyes causing pain, burning and knife stabbing. that doc told me i need surgery again now for wrinkles on the top part of the eyes (the last surgery was on the bottom). just saw another specialist and was told no need for surgery, wrinkles nothing to worry about and he gave me steriod drops and antibiotics. it is allllll very confusing...sooooo hopeful that the meds work and no more surgery!! it has been a long 8 yrs of these eyes changing my life. do docs really understand how much pain there is with severe dye eye and light sensitivity? i wonder it they even believe me sometimes! i hope you have better success!

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