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[QUOTE]This may sound weird and i may be imagining it - but my eyes seems to get worse just around the start of my period?? ok tell me now if thats weird? just been keeping a diary on them and my eyes always seem worse then.[/QUOTE]

Hormones are said to regulate the dry eyes, when theres too much estrogen- may cause dry eyes. thats why HRT causes dry eye. And a reason women suffer from dry eye more than men. so it could be that its your menstral cycle and hormones. When i wake up i could ussually tell if im having a bad dry eye day. My eyes are always stuck together when i wake up, but sometimes they would feel worse. It makes you not want to get up!

[QUOTE]Like you mentioned the itching is a breaze compared to the burning and gritty feeling. I cant stand it. Why do the doctors never seem to help in UK they are rubbish.[/QUOTE]

espically on the NHS.

[QUOTE]The specialist that i went to see last told me that my tear film breaks up to easily which is why i dont have any moisture in my eyes i am guessing that the oil layer? They have prescribed me optrex allery eye drops and said i can use them for the rest of my life. (they said they will help with the relief of the grittiness and the itchyness) They dont help.[/QUOTE]

My tear film breaks up fast as well, and the things i have been given for dry eye were steroids, sodium cromogate eyedrops (might be the same ingredeant in optrex?), and patonal, none of which helped. I used optrex for 2 months when i first started having problems becuase i was trying to treat the allergy component, didnt help me, then i was put on a sodium cromogate (same as optrex), didnt help again. The NHS couldnt give me anything better.

Has the optrex got BAK preservative in it, im sure it does. Its ok to use it for a while to see if it helps with the allergies but i wouldnt use it for too long if its not helping and you have dry eye.

Thers an eye drop that alot of people have had good results from its called dwelle and dakrina (helps with the mucus), do a google search for it.

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