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I have these trails/shadows around any object that I move or walk past. It looks like an illuminated outline around the object... Like if I wave my hand accross a dark background. Or if I walk into a darkened room with a white trim doorway. The doorway outline moves as I walk thru it. I notice it more if I don't look directly at the doorway or object, If I look sraight ahead, I see it more out of my side vision. I also notice it more at night in contrast (like white object moving over dark) It is driving me nuts and making me very nervous! I am so worried. I was on beta blockers(Toprol-XL) and Floxetine. I stopped after taking them for a few months thinking that could have been the reason. But it has been more than a year now and they have progressively gotten worse.

Other than that my vision is perfect. I have been to 2 eye dr's and they both said my eyes are fine. I am also having no other real obvious symptoms besides light snow, and floaters. I get migraines, but I have had those for years, and am not sure its related or not. But no siezures or fainting or anything like that.

I went to a nuerologist and had a no contrast MRI done. They wouldn't do the contrast since I am pregnant, and it came back 100% normal. Is it possible they missed something?

Anyone have any ideas as to what this might be?
Do some research on palinopsia. Look up the side effects of the drugs you were taking. Medications can cause or aggravate palinopsia. I've read posts from people whose trails never went away after discontinuing medication. The good news is it doesn't seem to be a serious medical problem. Perhaps when your hormones get back to normal there will be an improvement.
I have this same thing. I had a CT scan about 5months ago, and opthamologist.

You know what we have in common? PREGNANCY!!!! How are you doin now?


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