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I've had these greyish spots on the whites of my eyes ever since I was a baby. My parents keep saying that the doctors don't know how I got them. For all I know I was born with them. The big, dark ones are covered by my eye lid; however, there are some smaller, less obvious ones that are near the corners of my eyes. What I worry about is that I've recently had redness in my eye, and when it finally disappeared, I saw a small little dot (sort of like a lighter, smaller version of the spots that I've always had). It has been hard enough for me to live with this problem my whole life. It's been real tough on my self-esteem. But the last thing I want is for new ones to start forming. Will you please answer these question that I've been wondering all my life:

1) Why do I have these dark spots on my eyes? Where did they come from?

2) Do I have to worry about new marks ever forming? Why would new ones show up? Is it something to do with my diet? Stress? Sodium? Serious eye problems? I'm 25 and as far as my blood work is concerned, everything says I'm healthy.

3) Are there any kinds of procedures or laser surgery that will get rid of, or at least lighten these marks.

I just quit smoking after I suspected that new ones may be forming. I have only been smoking for 2 years, but it has always caused me increased eye and head tension. This is extra stress on top of the excruciating stress I felt on a daily basis since I was 18. Nevertheless, please keep in mind that I've had the major dark spots since I was a baby, way before I started smoking and becoming aware of my stress. Please help me!!

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