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[QUOTE=Dancinboots;3029351]........................ because just the thought of having a repeat surgery makes me sick. Supposedly I had one of the biggest, thickest membranes he has seen which is probably why it is taking so long to clear upand also why there is still swelling in the eye.

................. You may not have to do surgery (for epithelial membrane) unless your vision starts giving you problems. Good to hear from you. Sounds like you are doing pretty good.


Hi, Dancin', Sharon,

When you had the membrane peeled back, that wasn't victrectomy, right? So you don't have a gas bubble?

Syclone says it's been more than six wks and his vitrectomy bubble still isn't dissapated. I heard a patient tell the optometrist he had a gas bubble for 6 months! Hope I never have that. Know I couldn't sleep on my face.

Is the membrane in the cornea? Syclone says you lose your near vision with cataracts anyway. I don't think I remembered to tell him that's just temporary if they saved your natural lenses. You'd get near vision back, I hear.

I've heard there's a woman in maybe Trenton who still saves the person's natural lens when removing cataracts. Wish I'd heard of her sooner.

If at all interested, you could phone the church secretary at a Presbyterian church on West Rd. They're very helpful. I was there about something else and chatting with an OLDER GENTLEMAN while she was on the phone.

People say mono-focals are "okay if you don't mind losing your near vision and having to use reading glasses", plus, you need distance ones. I do mind, very, very much. Can't even punch in a number on the phone w/out a hike back to my bedroom to get reading glasses. It's so frustrating at every turn.

I'm normally an optimist, and I'm counting on my membrane not getting too bad, but something could eventually go wrong with the implants, I fear, and it'd be dangerous to try to replace them.

I had a lot of diabetic damage so didn't get good results, but my surgeon was very uncaring, almost bratty. Editing 1-5-08 to say the two young brothers I thought were bratty have left town.

Best of luck with your cataract procedure. Keep us posted.

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