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Re: Corneal Ulcer
May 23, 2007
[QUOTE=Mark Antony;2999936]Oh, GOD! I am having a similar problem here and its terrible and quite frightening.

I am 23 year-old male from Bulgaria. I have asthma and severe allergy to mites and pollen.

I've been putting antihistamine eye-drops regularly but a few months ago my eye turned very red, I had the feeling that something was in my eye.

It stayed like that for a few days and then I saw a thin white layer starting to cover my cornea peripherally. It was then that I realized it is something much more serious than my allergy.

I when to my GP who said I had conjuctivitis but send me to an opthalmogist for treatment.

When they looked at my eye the doc exclaimed, "that's not very good"....

I felt like I was going to die or something. They told me I had a corneal ulcer. I didn't know what was that at the time so I remained relatively calm.

They rushed my to hospital, some professors saw me and sealed my eye with a cream and put a bandage.

But when I got home I read a lot on corneal ulcers on the Internet and realized that you could actually go blind as the scar starts to form.

I cried for hours on end and thought about suicide.

I had to put a medication every half hour!
2.artificial tears
3.veal protein to help heal the ulcer.
4.some other anti-inflamatory eye-drops allergy eye-drops!


My ulcer was very large but fortunately it was not central but peripheral.

The ulcer healed within 24 hours leaving an ugly scar on my cornea which I still have today.

Nobody said what caused it.

I visited F I V E different opthalmogists for help. I paid large sums of money, even bribed a doctor from the Military medical academy in Sofia to take care of me.

This is what the docs said:

First one said: injury to the cornea...???

second one said I hat rosacea! (a terrible skin condition)

third doc said: dry eye!

fourth doc said: TOO MUCH STRESS!

****ing unbelievable.

I felt terribly confused. Started educating myself and went to the clinic again where they examined my eye for bacteria. None was found.

After my ordeal I concluded that I have whats called a 'an allergic marginal ulcer" - a rare but potentially devastating erosion of the cornea.

I went to my doc and told my diagnosis. She was stunned and treats me with great respect ever since!

I take my medication regularly but since my allergy is severe sometimes I need to use corticosteroids, which have terrible side effects but are my last resort.

I've spent hundreds on eye drops, oinments and allergy medication.

I've managed to control this terrible condition.

I've been experiencing recurring small erosions since my first incident but I quickly put an oinment with vitamin A and the erosion closes in minutes.

It's like a tiny hole in the cornea, its terrible.

I am lucky because if I take care of my eyes I wont go blind and wouldn't have to kill myself.

Also, I find it hard to work with a computer because it dries my eyes. I worked as an editor in an online news agency! I left my job beacuse of my condition!

Life just sucks.

Currently I am taking Xyzal tablets for my allergy, Opatanol eye-drops and Systane artifcial tears. I also use Oculotect when I see I have ane erosion.

My advice to the poster is that HE IMMEDIATELY SEEKS PROFESSIONAL help and demand additionl tests and visit other doctors if he is not satisfied with the treatment.

Its important to find out what cause your erosions. There is a great risk of going blind from these and once the scar covers the cornea, a corneal transplant is your only option.

Its terrible I know but we'll have to go through this. Good luck![/QUOTE]

Interesting about allergy, had not thought about that. The Doctor's checked for different things, but found nothing. My ulcer in my left eye, the bad one is still there, has just flared up again, red, sore and sensitive to light, i have just upped my steroid drops and it seem's to be settling. I started with another in my right eye, but with the drops seem's to be okay. All this with no apparent cause, unless it was my "body reacting against itself, the natural bacteria". It sounds a bit unlikely I think. Anyway will look up info on marginal allergic ulcer . Like you I now have problems using the computer, I have problems reading, and it is now nearly 3 months.
Thanks for your info

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