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Hello all,

I am very new to the board and have developed an issue within my vision. I have searched the forums to see if any posts related to the topic so I am not double posting. I have researched this issue on the internet very much since these objects started appearing in my eyes. Spiderwebs, dots, a wiggly line, these spots and objects follow my vision. From researching online of course these lead to "floaters" so far, I am making an appointment with my doctor and will follow this all the way through.

However I wanted to post on when exactly these floaters started appearing. I read alot about thinning hair and I was advised to take some vitamins. A pill of all your basic vitamins, E, B6, C, Soy Lecithin granules in milk or water. I picked these vitamins up at GNC and began taking them once a day. I also took my Mens one a day. I was just going to take the individual vitamins and skip the mens one a day until the GNC employee who seemed to know what he was talking about told me the 1 a day daily vitamin is actually only 50% of what your body really needs. So I figured it would be ok.

The amounts of the vitamins seemed to be in the normal dosage not anything crazy.

B-6 100 mg, B-Complex 50mg, E 400 IU, C 500 mg, Flaxseed Oil 1000 mg, and the Soy Lecithin Granules 2 teaspoons each morning in milk or water. I also began eating better, more fish, vegetables and less Caffeine alot more water.

about 2 weeks into taking these vitamins I developed the floaters, sat down at the computer and there they were not so many of them. It did not dawn on me it was the vitamins because vitamins are good for you! Well the floaters got worse the next day and so on and so forth, probably 3 days in of the floaters I knew I had to start reversing any changes to myself I made recently and the vitamins were the only thing.

I know there are other posts regarding floaters but I did not find one that stated what occurred before they showed up. I understand its a breakup of the gel in your eye and develop as you grow older but I have a huge hunch the vitamins did not help me. I will be bringing the vitamins to my doctor and possibly a nutrionist and whoever the doctor recommends me to for my floaters to seek more information. I also found some stories online where people taking large doses of vitamins developed floaters.

I also ran into a few stories about the retina, floaters having to do with detached retina and even worse floaters , static floaters then what I am experiencing. I must say these are extremely annoying and I feel for anyone who is experiencing anything in there eyes worse then this.

I would love to ask anyone out there if you have any information on this vitamin/ floater issue or was it just truly a coinidence?? I appreciate the time you took to read my story and will certainly post my doctor visit experiences on what they said about my story as I strongly feel its related. Have a great week everybody. Sorry for such a long post on what could be something minor compared to other medical issues that someone could be growing through.

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