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My eyes are so sensitive that I frequently have tears running down my cheeks when I change environments. Malls are bad, anywhere with a ventilation system really. When I was 22 or so (I'm 28 now), I tried contacts and it was impossible. I tried many different systems for sensitive eyes and it was still torture to have them in.

I am wondering about 2 things and if they may be related to the sensitivity thing. First, I have a recurring bump right on the white part of my eye that comes for a day or so and goes. This has been going on for 3 or 4 years. It used to show up more often like once a month, but now its like once or twice a year. As the lid moves over it, it is extremely irritating. Has anyone had any experience with something like that?

The other thing is veins and spots on the white part of the eye. I have little red veins that are always there and a few small dark spots. I wonder if it's just because my eyes are sensitive, or is it normal?


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