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To the naked eye, you wouldn't be able to tell that I have any eye problems. They don't usually look red or puffy. (maybe once in a while... but more often now that I am not using the steroid drops) But they do water a lot. My dr knows that I am not faking because he can see the poor tear quality and inflammation under his microscope. I guess that's something that I should be thankful for. Not that I want to have these problems, but I am just thankful that he can actually see it!

What really pissed me off is when I went to Maryland to see Dr. O'Brien... of course he is not the one who is going to take my history, do the vision exam, check my pressure, etc... That is done by one of his residents. That's fine. So she was taking my history and I told her that I get a lot of discharge that comes out of my eyes and this makes my glasses very dirty. She said "well I don't really see any discharge right now, so it's probably just from your drops." Excuse me? How do you know that? Every other dr I have seen has told me that it is from my eye mucus and dry eyes. But you, the resident, have the nerve to tell me that it's not. I think that she also told me that my eyes look fine to her. I really felt like telling her "well that's OK honey, I really don't care what you think.... unless your name is Terrence O'Brien, I am not here to see YOU!"

I just wish that these drs could come up with a definitive diagnosis for you. Do your eyes still feel dry at night?

At least with my condition, I go to my dr and I tell him how bad my eyes feel and he can confirm it. "yes, I can understand why your eyes are burning today. your tear quality is very bad". We are still trying to figure out exactly WHY I have poor tear quality (still not sure about the Sjogrens thing), but at least I know it's there and that I'm not nuts. I don't expect sympathy from people either, but a little understanding is nice.

Oh, by the way, you had me cracking up when you said "it's not like I expect people to roll around on the floor going poooooooor pooooor Donna!" LOL! I don't expect that either, or WANT it for that matter. But my mom sometimes does.... "my poor baby, I can't believe what is going on with you.... I feel so bad for you I want to cry... what can I do for you? I can't believe this is happening..... etc...." What can you do for me? You can stop worrying so darn much!!! (I swear, I think she is more upset about this than I am sometimes!) LOL!

When is your appointment at U of M?

Have you found any one doctor that you liked more than the others? I would say that as soon as you find a dr who is willing to give you the time of day and sit down and talk about this with you like a person, then that is your man (or woman). Sometimes they won't come up with a diagnosis right away, but over time if they can observe some sort of pattern of symptoms or see you over the course of a few months and get to know you and your eyes, it might be easier to come up with a diagnosis and treatment. Of course it is good to keep shopping around and trying to find the best answer... don't stop doing that. But in the meantime while you are looking for someone to give you a diagnosis, if you have got a dr who is willing to at least try to help, then I would say stay with him (or her) and go whenever you feel you need to until you find a diagnosis or cure, or find someone who can better treat this.

You know, I really feel that these drs who don't give you the time of day are violating their hippocratic oath. When they graduate med school they pledge to care for whoever is sick and to let noone suffer. Some of them have not tried to do that for you.

I wish you a lot of luck on your quest for a good doctor (it's hard to believe that out of the 3 you have seen, not one has come up with some sort of diagnosis or treatment).


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