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Chris, all punctal plugs are removable. I'm glad you got a response from them. I wish they could have told you more, but at least you actually got to speak with a dr and not a technician. :) I think the technicians should be there to help the dr by bringing the patients into the room, checking the glasses prescription and possibly checking the pressure. They can write down the patient's medicines and symptoms for the dr, but they can't be the ones to do the actual examination. It's not right.

I think that it can't hurt to try the punctal plugs. Like I said, they are all removable. Although excessive tearing can be a pain too. But you are only going to get the lower ducts plugged, not the uppers. So, your tears will still have someplace to go. My problem is not enough tears and also poor quality tears. So the cauterization of all 4 ducts helped with the quantity, but even though I have more than enough, they are still not good quality, '

Donna, I think you should look at it as a blessing in disguise that your eyelid is swollen. Maybe if you go back to an ophthalmologist and he/she sees this, you will finally get a diagnosis.

I'd love to post more, but my eyes are burning too much. I have an appointment with my eye dr on thursday... we'll discuss everything that happened at the rheumatologist (which I posted under the dry eye purple topic) as well as figure out how to get in touch with dr O'Brien, and check my pressure and examine my eyes. I'll keep you all posted.


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