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If you are interested in pursuing the sinus aspect, Dr. Albert Biglan in Cranberry Township, PA is the one who has lectured on the connection between accute sinusitus and ocular motor dysfunction.

Although you don't think his case sounds like cyclic esotropia, your story sounds a whole lot like the stories told by other parents who ended up with that diagnosis to me. At first, cyclic esotropia has no pattern and eventually degenerates in to the "cycle". What sets these kids apart from "normal" acquired esotropia is that 1)they do not have high hyperopia i.e. their is little to no "accomadative" portion to the eso; little to no rx as opposed to rx of +6 or more you see in most acquired eso 2) They have no sensory defect, that is the have excellent fusion/binocularity on their straight days; "normal" acquired esos have binocular disfunction due to their sensory problems

Here's a short excerpt from a story I found:

My 7 year old developed strabismus...and soon thereafther noticed his right eye turning in occasionaly, and then more frequently. It is now in a pattern where his right eye will turn every other day, and both eyes are straight the other days. Our optometrist...found the following:
- low hyperopia - .5 diopter dry, 1.25 wet
- comitant intermittent alternating non-accomodative esotropia
- stereoscopic perception to 70 seconds of arc

Sound at all familiar? They did turn out finding a sinus component to the problem which they treated, and the strabismus went away. It did return and they started looking for other answers. Started a HUGE debate as to correct diagnosis i.e. continuing sinus problem, decompensated phoria or cyclic esotropia.

I hope Dr. Biglan is able to offer you some guidance regarding the need for further testing. Good luck.

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