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Thanks for the reply.
A while back, I had told my eye doctor how many hours per day I wear my contacts, and he didn't really say much about it. I think he just asked if they bother me to wear them that long, and I said no. Because usually, they don't, unless I've been using that particular pair for longer than a couple months. I believe the ones I have now, you can wear for a month before throwing them out. I usually try to push that to 2 or 3 months, so maybe that's not the best idea. I didn't know it could actually damage your eye. I thought it would just possibly be uncomfortable.

I think my dry eyes are usually caused by my contacts if I've been wearing them for too long. I guess I'll pay more attention to the life span of my lenses and stick with that. Right now, my eye is still bothering me since the other night with the contact lens irritation. Even though I took the lenses out as soon as I got home, the left one had been bothering me for a couple hours while I was at my friend's house. Do you think I might have scratched my cornea? I went all day yesterday without contacts, and that eye was very itchy, and it felt like something was in it. When I woke up this morning, it felt worse and was red. But when I put my contacts in, it felt better, except it still feels itchy a bit (even my eyelid is itchy, which seems strange, if it's my cornea that might be scratched).

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