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I have searched this board, and not found anyone with my unique set of eye problems, but if anyone suffers from this, I would like to compare results.

I have 'unstable corneas', extreme dry eyes, astigmatism, mild kerataconus, and take numerous meds for a seizure disorder, and have been turned away from 3 opthomologist. I finally found an optometrist that agreed to help me - found him by going to one of those 'quickie' lasik places - I was desperate.

To explain, my eyes are so unstable glasses do not help, because my prescription has changed by the time the glasses are made (even at those 1hr labs). My problems have been ongoing for over 20 yrs, most docs say it is neurological, but none offered any help until now.

I am wearing a type of gas-perm contact lens that has a soft exterior (gas-perm in center, softlens on outside) - I think these are called hybrids, and they are quite expensive. I also had the plugs inserted (both lower and upper) for the dry eye problem. My vison without contacts was 20/400 (L) and 20/320 (R). With the contacts 20/40 (L) and 20/20 (R). Optometrist was amazed, said change surprised him, and he takes several cases like mine a year. However, there is no kind of support group for this unique problem, and I would like to compare with others who might have received this approach.

I am so grateful to be able to see again, my lens are left eye for up-close, and right eye for distance vision, and that is my only complaint, adjusting can take a bit of work to focus.

I still use wetting drops, dry eye drops at night, and am really careful not to let my lenses get dry.

I have a history of corneal abrasions (due to a poorly fitted cpap mask that was blowing air into my eyes at night). I never progressed to a full ulcer, but the abrasion was bad enough.

I have a previously damaged optic nerve (auto accident, age 14), but this doc said in spite of that inner eye health looked good considering.

I wear lenses ONLY during the day when awake, and have 2 disinfection cycles (1 afternoon, 1 night). I must nap in afternoon (orders from neurologist due to uncontrolled seizure disorder, so remove lenses during nap).

Sorry this post was so long, but if anyone out there has any experience with this, I'd appreciate hearing from you - such as how this is working for you, do you know anyone who has done this long-term, etc.


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