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Hey Leo.

Have a go at using a warm washcloth on your bad eye (or both eyes - it won't hurt the good one!) for five minutes in the morning and also in the evening before bed.

Soak the washcloth in boiled water that you have allowed to cool some. It should be warm to very warm -- but don't burn yourself! Keep soaking the washcloth before you continue to reapply it to your eyes as it will cool quite quickly. You may have blocked tear ducts or blocked glands that supply the oil to your eyes, if so this should help.

Get yourself some preservative-free lubricating drops from the pharmacy, this should provide some relief. Look for Celluvisc or use the internet to find out some of the brands available in your country.

Also, close-fitting sunglasses if you're not already using them can help protect your eyes in dry climates.

You should really see an eye doctor, but these measures may help in the meantime. Hope this helps!

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