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I had melanoma on my back 17 years ago - caught early - I have had 100 plus spots removed - some were nothing - some were irrigular cells - no cancer. I have some elevated eye pressures so they are watching that. My brother has Gly - so that could be coming. She found a freckle in my right eye - said it was large enough for concern - but then said it was not cancer when I called later due to a question from my wife. I had pictures taken and was to go in at six months - however I moved it today - just to get it checked faster this time around. I know that I have over 10 million freckles and none have turned to cancer. My melamona was from a mole. Point is - this happened - I have it. What happens next is up in the air - however thank goodness that the odds are with us. I need to be around another 30 years for my kids - so I do what I can. I worry too much as my dad died of cancer - lung and was not a smoker. Then I had a round so many years ago.
I try to think in terms that they removed over 100 plus spots over the years and none were cancer - only the one - so this has a good chance of being just that - a freckle. Boil it down - we all are terminal - we just need to do what we can to keep all the time we have. Is it not funny that we think about those things now and later we go back to wasting time here and there.
Guess I am just thinking too much today. Hope all of you do well. I will know Wednesday if it has grown in the last 4.5 months.

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