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I have been getting double vision after long periods of time in front of screens. I have been getting it for years, and it only happens when I stare intensely at a TV screen or computer screen (most cases I am playing a game). I need to be playing for at least two hours, and it takes a day or two to go away. However, if I continue to play it can take as long as a week to two weeks for the double vision to subside. The double vision is vertical, and I usually only notice it with light colors or white images. I also can see through it, so it is like a ghost, and the displacement of the object starts out very small and increases if I continue to play games. At one point it was so bad that I experienced double vision and noticed all colors and it lasted about two weeks until it was completely gone. The double vision is still there even if i close one eye or the other. After some research I learned that vertical double vision could be a result of extreme dry eyes which I believe the case is. I just got some Visine eye drops and intend to see how they work. I also plan on going to a eye doctor but I would like to hear what others think it could be. Stopping playing or being exposed to a computer screen less is difficult because I want to program and design games so I spend a lot of time playing games, coding, and doing other work with computers.

Also, I noticed that I squint to attempt to make the double vision go away. It usually helps but may be worsening. Also, I just was playing and it seems that if the double vision is almost gone, and I start again, it returns very fast

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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