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Apr 26, 2008
A few weeks ago, my eyes got really bloodshot for a few days. I didn't go to the doctor, because my husband and I are in the middle of transferring to another Army base and we were driving to Missouri to visit family. It started on about a Wednesday and I discontinued use of my contacts just in case. By the weekend, I decided I would call the local Army post to see a doctor as soon as Monday came. On Monday, my eyes were no longer red so I didn't call the doctor. I still didn't put my contacts in for a few days, just in case. I figured I'd give them a rest. A few weeks prior, I had accidentally slept with them in all night, so I thought maybe they got irritated. When we left Missouri and drove to Idaho to see more family, I decided to put in a new pair of contacts. My eyes started hurting that day and I took them out that evening and didn't put them back in. Over the next few days, my eyes were very sensitive to light and they hurt. There were moments where they didn't hurt, but then I'd get a pain in my eye and they'd get blurry. Even with sunglasses on, everything was too bright. This past Monday..on my birthday..go figure, I called a local airforce base while visiting family in California and they were able to squeeze me in for an appointment. My eyes didn't hurt at all that day but I went in just in case. He looked at my eyes and said they were really inflamed and I had opacities all over my eyes. I think he called it Corneal Infiltrate. That term looked familiar when I read about it on the internet. They were huge white blurry spots all over my corneas. He said that if the eye drops he gives me don't work, and if they turn into scars, I will NEVER be able to wear contacts again and if I wore them with scars, then I could go blind. He also said if I develop scars then I will never be able to get Lasik. I hope he was exaggerating some and just trying to scare me so that I didn't put my contacts in while my eyes are healing and so I remember to put my drops in. He had another doctor come in and she said there were a bunch of these spots and that they were big. I asked if the bigger they are, if that means it will be more likely to scar, but she said it all depends on the density of them, so I have to wait and see. I started off with 8 drops a day for a few days, and tomorrow it will be down to 6 times a day and then keep going down and I have to go back to him on Monday. He said that wearing contacts for years has caused this slow process and that when I accidentally slept in them a few weeks ago, that it was the straw that broke the camel's back. My friend said she had something like that and her eyes are fine now and she wears contacts, so I'm hoping that my eyes won't scar, but I'm scared. My friend used to work in an optometry office and he said that you can still get lasik if there is minimal scarring on your eye. As I said, I hope the doctor was mainly trying to scare me so that I take care of them really well over the next few weeks, but I was wondering if anyone else has dealt with this or if there is an eye doctor on here that can give some more input. I just turned 27 on Monday and there are people that have worn contacts way longer. I didn't know that wearing them so many years could cause that. Oh, and there were times a few years ago that I would accidentally sleep with contacts in, but I haven't done it at least a few years until the one time that I did it a few weeks ago..and that next morning, I didn't pull them out right away because I didn't want to rip my cornea. I let the moisture get back to my eyes first. I cried my eyes out after that appointment because I don't want to have to go back to wearing thick glasses. I'm farsighted and my lenses look ridiculous and magnify my eyes. I'm very self conscious about them and I will be devastated if I can't go back to wearing contacts. The doctor prescribed me TrobraDex. He said the steroid in it may cause infection but it hasn't so least not that I notice. He said that the spots or infection or whatever weren't active?

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