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I started to notice better results after 1.5-2 weeks. It sucks, but its worth the wait. My eyes still become very red, but an optometrist told me yesterday that I have a serious case of dry eye that is causing them to still be read. He gave me a Tear time break-up test (a test measuring the amount of time it takes for your tears to evaporate causing you to blink again) and my time was only 2 seconds. A normal persons eye is around 7-8 seconds to the tears to evaporate. You just have to hang in there for a week or two. I would actually suggest seeing an optometrist, maybe they can prescribe you with a steroid drop that will help calm the redness for you? If you are using optive, try and get preservative-free bottles and stick them in your fridge. The cold from the refridgerator works as a natural vasoconstrictor, wich actaually will make your eyes less red.

Also, I am only 19 so I think the fact that we are still young really helps us out lol

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