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[QUOTE=cal89f;3712897]I do have a few questions and concerns though. Is it possible that after 8 visits to opthamologists that they couldn't detect this problem?

Yes - it is VERY often misdiagnosed.

I just did a quick search on "corneal erosion" and the first site that popped up showed me this quote, "Mis-diagnosis of a scratched cornea is fairly common, especially in younger patients." The key is that it keeps happening again and again (reocurring) and almost always happens upon awakening - that's corneal erosion.

For me they first diagnosed it as "pink eye" and "conjunctivitis" True, I had those but that was just symptoms to the deeper problem. After an erosion, it's like an "open wound" waiting for infection or other problems.

Also, is it possible that this problem could last for 9 months?

Left untreated it can last years - that is why it is called "recurrent" corneal erosion syndrome; the condition reoccurs over and over again and always in the same area. In fact, 98% of all RCES sufferers have their erosions at the 6'oclock position on their cornea.

I should mention that on some visits I was diagnosed with corneal abrasions and was given the prescribed ointment to fix it but my eye pain didn't seem to go away (even though the doctor said they could no longer see an abrasion).

Corneal abrasions are just one symptom of corneal erosion. The top epithelial layer is "pulled off" by the eyelid upon awakening or in other words the top layer (usually at the 6 oclock position) erodes away or slides off like dirt on a mountain causing a corneal abrasion.

I have also been diagnosed with dry eye and have been using artificial tears (Systane and Restastis).

They have told me that also - that I have dry eye. I tell them back - "who has dry eye in one eye only and happening only after an injury. My eyes are mostly fine during the day. Dry eye sufferers have problems during the day unlike those with corneal erosion where usually the condition gets better as the day goes on unless there is an infection.

If it makes a difference, I'm 18 years old.[/QUOTE]

It is less likely at 18 as most RCES happens in the 40's but if you accidentally scratched your eye with the contact then as I said a corneal abrasion can often "set off" corneal erosion. Although not the best analogy, imagine a scab stuck to a bandaid and the bandaid keeps pulling off the scab so the sore never really heals.

Again - it's best to see a really good ophthalmologist. There are even ophthalmologists who are "corneal specialists." First course of treatment is (over the counter) muro 128 eye ointment at night which you can get at Costco or any pharmacy. This often corrects the problem in a majority of cases. If you have an underlying dystrophy and Muro 128 does not rectify the problem then an ophthalmologist will take more agressive courses of action. You can research this Muro 128 and other treatments such as PTK Laser all over the internet - just do a search on corneal erosion and learn as much as you can about it. You will find it almost always happens upon awakening from sleep. Try and keep your eyes still upon awakening and apply artificial tears before gently and slowly opening your eyes. Use muro 128 at night and suggest to the eye doc that you think you might have corneal erosion if after researching it - it seems plausible.

Let us know how things are going.

Best to you,

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