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Hey Mike and everyone,
First of all my chronic erosions have all but stopped. I haven't had a real problem for 4 months. I do take crushed flaxseed as well as fish oil and vit B complex all for my dry eyes. (Advice from my new doc) I no longer use any Benedryl-like products due to the drying effects or anything that dehydrates the body. I've found anything more than 2 alcoholic drinks will cause me very dry eyes in the morning and erosions. I finally changed docs and she recommended once or twice a day to use very warm cloth along my eyelids and then to massage them to "milk" the oil glands to produce. That is the reason we all take Doxy and Minocycline. We have to clear these clogged ducts, but they need to stay cleared and that is how I learned to do it. I was on all the high priced drops too and the Muro everyday and sometimes many times a day and I still had erosions a couple of times a week. The new doc wanted me off all of these things!! I was scared to death! They were my crutch and eye comfort!! Now all I do is what MIKE said and that is to train yourself to wake up with closed eyes and flush with tears. I use OTC Refresh with no preservative and this is the only time during the day that I have to use anything.
As for the meds I mentioned above the side effects have been thicker hair and faster growing nails!! Plus I'm heart healthy!!
Thanks Mike for all of your support. You HAVE been so helpful!!

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