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What could be wrong with my eyes? ALL day today they have been [I]badly [/I]irritated. I had gooey white stuff in them constantly too. At one point, they both became SO red...I was scared! I had never seen eyes look that bloodshot before. The irritation felt like there was something in my eyes. I put allergy drops in them and while they look better, they are STILL red. I have done everything and usually my eye allergies would be fine by now with drops. My nose is also running which is why I thought it was allergies as well. But I have NEVER experienced constant bad irritation with allergies, that just won't go away.

I didn't sleep at all last night and I'm sure that didn't help. In the corners of my eye on the skin it is also itchy. I'm most concerned with the fact that my eyes are still red. What could this be!? Im 21 years old btw

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