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hi everyone im new to this, i just wondered if anybody could help me! ile start from the beginning. i became pregnant at the end of july last year and then sometime around the middle of september i woke up one morning with a swollen right eye which got gradually worse, been to doctors and hospital to see opthamologist hundreds of times and to be honest i dont think anybody really knew what to do with me. i went back and forth back and forth to see eye specialists after lots of time i finally got told that i had blocked ducts in my eye and that it would return back to normal within a few still suffering a YEAR later!!

anyway some said i needed antibiotics but they couldnt give me anything too strong because of me being pregnant. in around december time i had a lump on top of my eye which they cut open and scooped out the oil-nice!! this has left me with a scar on my eyelid grrr!! since i have had my daughter (who is now 5months old) my eye has got alot better and the ducts dont seem to be blocked anymore (well i cant see any lumps) however my eye is STILL swollen on the top and bottom it is painless apart from every now and again will get what i can only describe as a spot that needs squeezing - sorry!!, i just wondered if this will ever go back to its original shape....what i would give to have two even eyes!! its the most annoyin thing in the world!! any comments would be greatly appreciated! thankyou

Shelley xxxxx

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