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[QUOTE=TopGeek;4206641]Can you please explain. Is this a dot on the surface of the eye as seen in a mirror or is it a blurry dot in the field of vision?[/QUOTE]

It is a very small blurry spot just left of center in the vision of my left eye.
Maybe 10 years ago, as we prepared to remove a cinder block wall to open a dorrway, a minute piece of the block hit my eye. I was always sure that it left a scratch of some kind.
I discovered it orginally when I went to the DMV a few years back to renew my CDL. When I looked into the device that shows three numbers, I could not see the left number at all. The middle and right numbers were fine. I had to get a optometrist (could have been an opthamologist as he did give me several real eye tests including the chart graph) to sign off that my vision was otherwise OK. Which it is.
I am 57 and I do wear reading glasses but so far, distant, night, and peripheral vision all seem OK.
The "Dr." who signed off for me, recommended me to more of a specialist who ran the fluid in my eyes, bright light testing and found stress areas that were apparently leaking. These were repaired with $1700 worth of laser surgery. But even after visiting two other doctors, NO ONE has been able to detect this spot.
As I look at a straight line with my right eye closed, say the "Title" header on this message, the word "Title" and part of "Re: blur.." is nothing but a blur. Peripherally, I can see the rest of "..ry dot on eye" and the "Message" header and all things beyond just fine.
It has not gotten any worse, it's just one of those annoying little things that I'd like someone else to at least be aware of and perhaps acknowledge.

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