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On Monday I felt an irritation that felt like an eyelash in the outer corner of my right eye. Close inspection with a magnifying mirror did not reveal anything.

It continued through today, so tonight I looked closer. I lifted the upper lid to expose the underside of the edge, and noticed a tiny pink pimple with a fine blonde hair in the middle of it growing toward my eyeball!!! This hair is NOT along the row of eyelashes.

My husband held the magnifying mirror while I tried plucking it out with tweezers which, unfortunately, only broke off the hair near the base. So, now I have a sharp stub of the hair that is too short to pinch with the tweezers but long enough to scratch my eye. :eek: Now it's even more irritating and feels like there's a grain of sand in my eye.

Since I didn't pull out the whole hair at the root, I'm sure it will grow back and even if I do pluck it out, it may grow back again. I certainly can't be plucking out a hair this close to my eye for the rest of my life!

Has anyone else had this, and how did you get rid of it?

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