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I developed a blurry spot just off center of my field of vision in my right eye at the end of July, I've been examined under dilation numerous times since by my ophthalmologist who saw no apparent issues with the eye and could not even find any floaters, I've taken basic eye exams and always come back 20/25, I passed the field of vision test fine and was event sent to a retinologist for a Fluorescein angiography which showed no active leakage in the eye.

I was given no firm diagnosis but was told this issue "should" resolve itself inside of a few months.

The spot is most noticeable when in well lit areas or looking at a TV or computer screen, it tracks with my vision and does not move from the 5 o'clock position in my field of view ever, the spot has 2 trails off of it that tend to point ever so slightly up or down depending on which direction I am looking. The spot also changes in size depending on how far away the object I am focusing on is.

I am a 35 year old white male in good health with no history of illness of vision problems.

Should I seek another opinion or wait it out?

I am obsessed on this issue right now and am a bit freaked out to be quite honest.

Anybody have some words of wisdom?


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