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:wave: Hello, I've been suffering from eye problems off and on since september, it seemed like I kept getting re-occuring bouts of "pink eye", something I've never had before, but I knew the symptoms from watching others suffer from it over the years. In september my eyes started getting very red, irritated, inflamed eyelids, felt like something was in my eye, it kept watering constantly, and became very sensitive to light. I called my doctor, and after desribing my symptoms, he gave me an over-the-phone treatment, and prescribed anti-biotic eye drops, which I used for one week but my eyes still weren't getting better. At this point I was desperate for anything that would help, I remembered I had a bottle of "allergy" eye drops, without consulting my doctor, I went ahead and tried it. I couldn't believe how much better I felt after using the allergy eye drops, something that one week's worth of anti-biotic eye drops couldn't do, the allergy eye drops worked immediately. Well, here we are now in January, and I'm going through this again with my eyes, pretty much its a repeat of above, same symptoms, red, irritated, constant watering, light sensitive eyes, that once again feels like somethings in there. This time I went to the doctor on January 5th, describing my symptoms, this time he tells me its most likely caused by my eye makeup (which very well could be since I tend to buy the cheapies), and he tells me its blepharitis, I said "blephar what?" I've never heard of that before, so my doc puts me on anti-biotic eye drops again, and tells me to do warm soaks on my eyes. I did all that, and I was still feeling absolutely miserable, still wasn't getting any better. Yesterday, I still felt like I did on day one, and I had run out of the ant-biotic eye drops, again I became desperate like the first time for something to help me, having totally forgotten about what I used the first time, then I remembered to grab my allergy eye drops, I put some in my eyes and instantaneously felt so much better, it was a really big relief for me. I think for now on when my eyes get like this, instead of calling or going to the doctor, I'll just grab my eye drops for allergies and get quick relief. In both times, was it just a coincidence that the allergy eye drops worked? Who knows, but I do know it worked for me, it may not work for everyone but I guess it doesn't hurt to try.

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