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Last year out of the blue my vison went from pretty good to fairly blurry. Reading became an issue so I had to drop a class I was taking. I also discovered my eyes had become sensitive to glare, my depth perception and night vision was deterioating.

I went to the optometrist (yeah I hadn't been in a couple of years) and after a battery of tests he discovered that I had ver small cataracs. I got a new bifocal, progressive prescription for my glasses and thoutht that was that. A few weeks later glare still seemed to be a problem so they added an extra layer of tint. And in the mean time it seems the glasses didn't seem to improve my reading at all.

Flash foward to a couple of weeks ago, I got another appontment with the optometrist, he said the cataracs hadn't changed and they were still too small to remove. I reiterated that things seemed to have gotten worse as I'm no longer able to drive at night and was now even more sensitive to glare. He recommende that I get an anti-glare layer applied to my glasses.

Isought out a consultatin with an otphamologist for a second opinion. I went through a new battery of exams again. My cataracs weren't any worse but my vision had definately deterioated. he told me my vision was now 2200 and if I had to take the vision test at the DMV, I would fail. He recommended that I see a retina specialist in the same office. I have an appointment for Tuesday afternoon. I don't know what to expect. I've done some research on retina issues but haven't come across anything that matches my "symptoms>

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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