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So this is going to be a little on the long side so I can fill in all the details. About a year ago I started getting eye floaters and eye flashes (which I later came to believe are white blood cells in the eyes when I look at the sky or other bright light sources). So really I had these two things without any other really problamatic eye problems (that I can remember) until the end of the school semester in may. I didn't do a lot of reading until I started interning at this hospital in june, but then I noticed it was harder to read. And from June throughout August I found it a lot more difficult to read than usual, but I figured I was just imagining it and when I started to have to read full-time come school everything would be fine. However, this past fall semester was really terrible because it was really hard for me to read (I could still do school it just took me a lot longer and was a lot more straining and frustrating than it used to be). So I went to the optometrist during the fall semester and told them my trouble reading. They said I was far sighted (which I already knew and hadn't had problems with before) but said I still had 20/20 vision. But they gave me reading glasses anyways. The reading glasses didn't help so I told them that later and they gave me stronger reading glasses (1.00 to now 1.50). This still didn't make it any better, and I'm pretty sure my problem isn't fixed with reading glasses or anything like that. So I struggled through the last semester, but then I used my brother's computer (which had an anti-glare reflective screen) for finals last (fall) semester and it seemed to make it easier to read somewhat especially when I reflected light off of it and had glare coming of the computer screen over the part I was trying to read. I know this sounds really weird so I didn't think much of it. However, over winter break I went to the opthamologist because I heard I should get my eyes checked out there. He looked at my eyes and said they were fine, and when I told him that I definitely had had problems with reading he kind of stopped and acted like he didn't believe me and I was making it up. But then he said he could do an eye strain exam, but at that point I had already spent 100 bucks (and I'm a poor college student so that's a lot for me). And I didn't think that that would help at all and I didn't want to waste another 100 bukcs so I just didn't follow up. However, this semester I have found out that if I reflect light and glare off my computer screen towards my eyes when I read I can read detectably easier. I have no idea why this is and this doesn't make sense to me, but it does help. So my question is does anyone know what problems I have or has anyone heard of this helping? I had just kind of given up on ever figuring out what was wrong with me until I realized this. I just really want to figure out what I can do to help with my reading because I used to enjoy studying somewhat but now it's just a really exhausting and frustrating thing. Also, I have this weird more sensitive afterimage affect (where I will look at a word on maybe a bright screen and I will look away after like 1-2 seconds and the word is burnt on my vision). I know if you start at a word on a bright background for an extended period of time this will happen, but I know that it has gotten a lot more sensitive over the past year.

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