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I cant believe how many people suffer from floaters! I thought I was the only one. About 30yrs ago or so I suffered from an attack of Crescent shaped flashing lights, that lasted about 20minutes, in the DARK! I was so scared I didn't know what was happening. I considered for a moment to go to the Hospital ER, it was THAT BAD. Instead, as the lights subsided, I called my Opthm in the morning. They said I HAD to come in THAT DAY to be seen because floaters are a symptom of detatched retina. So, I did as I was told, saw the Dr. that day - a retina specialist - and he said my retina looked fine and explained what had happened to me was an optical migraine. He told me had I not that flash light attack, I would have had the most horrifying headache you can imagine. He also said that as it happened once, it could happen again. Each time it "happens" you HAVE to see the opthm to rule out detatched retina. Its been around 30yrs and I have never had another BUT THE FLOATERS are unreal. But I agree with everyone above, you WILL get rid of the Panic, eventually your Brain is just going to accept them as "normal for you", that I can promise. One thing that did help me, as I was so aware of them for so long....when driving around,,,if there were Green Trees on both sides of me I did not notice the floaters. I believe the color green camoflages (mispld sorry) them, so you "could" try a pair of Green Tinted sunglasses..... recently I became concerned because I hadn't been aware of my floaters and I thought maybe something was wrong with me, like the vitreous is becoming too hard....they aren't moving around as much,,,,,but no,,,,i made myself aware of them, they are there. Dots, worm-like structures, spider webs. circles, red blood cells....the Dr. said that is exactly what they are cells from the retina that pulled away and now we see them exactly like looking under a microscope at a piece of hair, or a white or red blood cell.....same thing. Don't panic, I also went the route of valium, it DOES WORK, I also went the route of Recovery international, Inc. meetings for panic, etc.....but you will be allright. Just if you get that Flash Attack, day or night, or like other said, the "curtain" starts to fall down, or up or close in from the sides, go running to the Opthm.....Good Luck, keep us posted
I have had floaters, cataract surgeries, and vitrectomies on both eyes, so I can speak from my experience briefly, and hope it helps others. I know floaters can be very, very annoying, but that does not mean you simply go and get a vitrectomy done (which will, indeed, remove all the floaters), as that is a very delicate eye surgery reserved for other more serious problems, like, retinal detachments, and has many other risks - which will pale in comparison to the annoyance of floaters, no matter how bad you may think they are now. In any case, with IOL (artificial intra-ocular lenses) after cataract sx., which is a straight-forward operation, my vision became 20/20 in both eyes, although the floaters persisted. Unfortunately, 11 years down the road, I also had peripheral and macular retinal detachments (RD) for which the doctor HAD to do vitrectomies, no other options. Fortunately, vision is back to 20/20 and 20/30, and the interesting part, for this thread, is that after the vitrectomy sx, "no floaters!" They were all sucked out during the vit sx, except, may be a small remnant particle or too. But that is just a small "side" benefit. You have to go through quite a bit of pain, discomfort, and anguish ("face down" position continuously for several hours/days because you have a temporary air-bubble in your eye now, instead of the vitreous, 2-3 weeks off from work and cannot fly, etc.), and, more importantly, not knowing for sure whether something more serious will not happen to you next. I am still in the post-op phase after 3+ months with one eye, but that is because I had macular RD. But you are right - none of those annoying little critters - floaters!

So, think twice, take second opinions before you decide to get a vitrectomy done just for removing floaters - I think, most probably the surgeon will just say no, or the insurance companies in US will deny paying for it (could be $5000-$10,000 independently). You don't want something more serious happening to your retina.

By the way, I have noticed that there are a couple of doctors in Florida, USA, who take out the floaters by lasers - literally, like shooting them out in a video game, poof! The floaters just vaporize and are absorbed in the remaining vitreous. There are videos on the you-tube about it, and one of the drs has been trained in Switzerland - so, for those of you who are in Europe, may be, you should check that out if you are that desperate about floaters! I have no clue if this procedure is approved by the American Association of Opthalmologists, or FDA, etc. in US. All the best!

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