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Hey my name is Andrew. I'm 20 years old, wear contacts, I have been battling goop forming in my eyes for about six years now. I have read post after post after forum after website and have tried to use just about every eye drops out there, including: alamast, pataday, patanol, visine, gen teal, and probably every other generic brand of saline/synthetic tears/allergy drops. I use hot compresses at least 3-4 times a day. I tried the mask. And nothing works any longer than a couple minutes.

The goop in my eye is seasonal, coming back every spring and summer(when the goop is in large amounts... still deal with it year long) and every year its been getting worse. At first it was just small strings that wrapped around my eyes. And now it has progressed into giant globs that when i don't pull out build up until it is completely blinding and even overflowing out of my eyes. Its like i will just blink, and all of a sudden one of my eyes are. Just covered in a layer of slime. I pulled it out the other night and just the one glob covered my whole finger tip! My roommate asked if i just blew my nose into my hand!!

I feel helpless.. after trying so many things nothing lasts for more than a couple minutes before another goopy glob reforms. Im literally a slave to picking the goop out of my eyes everyday, all day.

If anyone has done research or studies that might know the cause, a cure, or even an effective treatment.. please let me know. I would give ANYTHING for even just one "goopless" day.

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