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I have had eye floaters in both eyes for years now. I am 35 so probably since age 15 or so I've had floaters. They have gotten worse over the years.

However, the last 3-4 months they've been absolutely horrible. I see them all the time, out of the corners of my eyes, and instead of just the black dots that dart in and out of my central vision, I am seeing cobweb-like appearances in front of my vision that move in and out as well.

I also see a fluttery movement as well with the floaters constantly.

I went to my eye doctor Friday... a well respected ophthalmologist who thoroughly looked at my eyes... dilated them with two drops and just intensely looked everywhere throughout both eyes. He did a bunch of retinal tests using different instruments. I have never had a more thorough look at my eyes (and that includes when I went to a retinal specialist about five years ago for a slight issue that cleared up on its own) and he said my eyes are perfectly healthy and just fine, retinas looks perfect.

I am glad for this great news but why the heck are my floaters so bad then? I guess I just have a severe case of floaters with healthy eyes but it doesn't annoy me any less!

Does anyone relate to my situation?
I can relate.

a few months ago I started to notice a horde of floaters in both of my eyes.
I would notice them all the time, especially when outside. Mine looked a bit dark rather than transparent. After a few months of having them, I started to notice them less and less. I still see them now, but not as bad as a few months ago. Even the eye Dr's I'd see would tell me that my eyes are just fine.

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