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Hi everyone.

This is my first post. I have been reading post from members who have had PTK from corneal erosion. I had PTK surgery 3 weeks ago.

From what I can see the recovery period is really an extended one. Most post say that vision does not fully recover for sometimes as long as 3 months, and even then some still need prescription lenses.

My surgeon belongs to my eye doctors practice, but he performed the PTK at a different clinic, many miles away from my home. There is a long story behind that, but I won't get into that here.

My eye doctor is actually giving me free followup care. I found this out when I asked a tech question over the phone and got an inadequate answer. I was informed by another person that my followup was being done as a courtesy.

That's fine but I wonder if my followup care has been compromised. My doctor has said some strange things, such as he can do PTK, but doesn't do it. When I asked why he stated he just doesn't.

Also, he has me extremely paranoid about having another corneal erosion. He has seen me 4 times, changed my steroid drops to two the first visit, then back to 4. Now he has me at two. I won't see him again for another week.

He has told me to "slowly" open my eyes when I wake. Surprisingly I have been able to do this, but I have not seen anyone on the internet being instructed to do this.

So I would like to know what your experience was, what you think about mine, and should I really be that concerned about opening my eyes when awaking. Please feel free to share and thanks for reading my post.

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