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Vision Problems
Feb 15, 2013

I'm new to this forum and have finally got round to joining :)

For nearly 10 years now I have noticed problems with my vision (I am 23).

It started when I had my first Migraine with aura when I was thirteen roughly in September '03 (sad i remember the date, I know). From then onwards I began to notice changes in my vision such as objects not looking clear (i.e. looks like they are shimmering) and a general haze in my vision.

I complained about this to my parents who took me to the optician and she said my eyesight was good, better than 20/20. I was about 14 at this point.

So I just had to 'get on with' and put up with this (what's the alternative right?)

However gradually over the years my vision is slowly getting worse and worse. I'm not talking about ability to read from distance, I mean the quality of my vision in general.

The other symptoms which have developed are :

Seeing Halos around all lights. Street lights are the worst and an increased sensitivity to car headlights.

Inability to go to the cinema as my eyes cannot handle the white on a cinema screen.

I cannot watch old televisions which are not LCD,LED or plasma as they just appear fuzzy, especially in my peripheral vision. They are just a fuzz to me.

In some places certain types of light constantly flicker and when I ask if other people who are there see this too, they reply no. Sometimes lights will just generally flicker in the corner of my eye.

Visual disturbances as if someone has just turned off the light and turned it back on again in a millisecond. Also, going from bright to dimmer and back again really quickly. (Happens on a constant basis)

Difficulty reading at work, for example if i lay pieces of paper in front of me on my desk my eyes can't handle it. This was the same when I was at school and University. Making it very hard to concentrate.

I also have eye floaters but they are not too bad, they are not as bad as the ones I have seen on YouTube. They only affect me on overcast days but I generally always wear shades if the is any sort of sun in the sky.

When looking at the sky, its as if there are thousands of fireflies burning up and going out really quickly.

When shopping its really hard to look at items on the shelves as they all seems to have a shimmer and again my eyes can't handle it.

Oh and before anyone says this is a migraine, that has been ruled out by everyone because they say there's no way its a 10 year long migraine. Plus I've seen enough migraine aura to know when and when not it is this.

Were there are all my symptoms, Phew! it feels weird to finally write them down! I'm in a hurry so if I remember any more I'll tell you later on.

I have been telling my parents about this for years and they keep taking me to the opticians who say my eyes are are great.

It got to the stage where I got them to take me to the best eye doctor in Aberdeen (U.K) and another one who is one of the best in the U.K. They could not find any problems with my vision.

The worst part of all of this is, my parents don't believe me. As soon as the opthamologist says my eyes are healthy, they say I'm making it up.

Seriously why would I waste 10 years of my youth/life complaining about this and feeling miserable if I was just making it up? I want to live my life to the full! I have aspirations of becoming a filmmaker and my production company is really gathering some momentum and I've got this problem 24/7!

So this is where I am, slowly being driven crazy by something I can't escape.

If anyone has similar problems please let me know. Seriously there must be someone out there who knows what's going on, with 6 billion people on the planet I can't be the only one!

Thanks for reading guys. You never know, I might make it into a movie one of these days! haha!


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