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My son is now an adult, and he had a similar issue that was not caught until it was too late. I started taking him to Ophthalmologists as a tot, but back then we did not have this kind of information at our finger tips an I did not get the help we needed. Rather than his eyes turning in/out they would go one up and one down. Three doctors could not make it happen, one gave him tri-focal glasses at 8 years old and then it was not until my latest optical group found his brain had shut off one eye. He is now in his mid 20's and does quite well. He lost his dream of being a pilot but it does not seem to bother his day to day life at all. He hunts, drives, plays video games very normal man. He sees very well out of each eye individually, just not both at the same time. Therapy would not have helped his condition because of the up and down, but my hope is to provide you with some peace of mind that life can on very normally even out of one eye at a time.

I hope your treatment goes well and I agree with the eye therapy. I am eye therapy patient currently, due to a concussion. It has been helpful for me. My left eye says noooo I dont wanna look there, and picks a different spot. I have been getting very sick from it and can't even work or drive and I am almost 50.

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