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Does your distorted vision make you feel wobbly or slightly off balance?

I have had one for a few months (perhaps longer, I wasn't aware of what it was) and my first diagnosis was anxiety.

So now I think the anxiety is making me feel off balance and shaky but could it just be the distorted vision that does this to me?

Do you ever get used to it? Mine is 20/40 and I have no decided on surgery.
Hi tela44,

Just distorted vision, or wobbliness, or 20/40 vision does not mean you have macular pucker. Know that distortion in vision can come in various forms - blurriness is different than wavy vision or double vision, for example, and each has a different root cause - it could be your eye lens or retina or even the optic nerve or brain.What makes you think you have macular pucker, in particular?

Although macular pucker, or epi-retinal membrane (ERM) (which is a thin cellophane tape-like membrane on the retina) can, sometimes, cause wiggliness/waviness in vision, there are thousand other reasons why you may feel wobbly or off-balance. You need to ask a retinal specialist or an eye doctor to rule out macular pucker since that can be serious, although not always. There are different grades of macular pucker, depending on the thickness of the ERM - from grade 0 (not so serious) to grade 2 (serious). The waviness in vision is usually examined by an "Amsler grid" test - where vertical or horizontal lines appear wiggly. Do you see waviness, for example, when you look at bathroom tiles or edges of book-shelves, after correcting your vision with your normal glasses, if you have any? If so, then you should certainly see the eye doctor.

I have had slight ERM after an operation (vitrectomy) for retinal detachment, for both eyes, and initially when the eye was healing, I had slight 3-d stereoscopic and double vision problems - but both of them subsided on their own after a few weeks. May be, for a few days during that recovery period I might have felt a little bit off-balance, but not much really. Now after two years I have 20/25 and 20/30 vision in both eyes and don't really need/use glasses. However, the wiggly/wavy vision problem has not gone away in one of the eyes with severe macular retinal detachment - but that does not bother me since the other eye takes over.

Best is to see your eye-doctor and get your retina examined thoroughly, if you feel something is wrong with your vision! And, also your normal physician to see if off-balance is due to something else altogether, like, inner ear problems (which is largely responsible for your sense of balance). All the best!

I should clarify-I have a macular pucker diagnosis from a vitriol specialist. My vision in the bad eye is 20/40. The distortion varies from cloudy to cob web like.
I just can't balance and accept the distortion. I have been told it's anxiety.
I've been to ENT and while I have had issues with my ears nothing was noted about balance and the inner ear.
The surgery for my eye is up to me. I don't know what to do. I just want my normal life back where I wasn't constantly wondering why I don't feel the way I once did-carefree and worry free about my health.
Definitely see a retina spec. asap.
I assure you all that I have seen the retina specialist and the choice is up to me for surgery and a return visit in 6 months is what they asked of me.

If it is, indeed, a confirmed case of macular pucker or ERM, please ask the retina specialist how bad it is. What grade (see above)? If your uncorrected vision is 20/40, then it can't be that bad. Floaters and cobwebs are quite common and annoying for all of us, but one doesn't do an eye operation, like vitrectomy, just for removing them.

Has he taken your OCT scans? OCTs are 10-second photographs of your retinal cross-sections, and give much better indication of the state of your retina than just normal external retina examination with an opthalmoscope. This ERM condition and its details are easily captured on OCTs. There is another thread on OCT discussions on this board.

You are rightfully concerned since ERM or ILM peeling, which is one of the operations I know of which is used for removing the pucker, is a "very delicate" operation. Is your doctor suggesting that for you? Please read as much as you can about it on the web. I have written a little bit about it elsewhere on this health board and others have too. Perhaps, you should even take a second or third opinion before going ahead with any such operation. And, then you have to finally balance it by asking yourself what is the risk and success rate of such operations, and if it is worth taking the risk, as opposed to your current state of affairs with vision or imbalance.

Since ERM grows slowly, unlike retinal detachment cases which are urgent, you have some time to think too. As I said, I also have very slight ERM but it has not bothered me at all. The doctor had told me about it more than two years ago just before my vitrectomy operation for a retinal detachment, and asked me if I wanted to remove the ERM too. I was also scared then, and said no, since it did not bother me then. The doctor also thought that it was not really necessary in my case. But it's possible that it may come back to haunt me after a few years. And, with regards to your sense of imbalance, please rule out all other non-eye related things by a thorough examination from your regular doctor.

I don't know the cause of my distorted vision yet but occ I get the sense that my vision is jumbled or crossed. I can tell it is my left eye causing the problem because it feels like it is having a muscle contraction & I can't focus it. I have to cover the eye for a few minutes until vision clears. I feel very off balance for some time when this happening & after. Of course this causes me anxiety. I also have a tight feeling on that side of my face.

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