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Machaon, my surgery was 'conventional.' Everything from the procedure itself to the recovery was a BIG nuthin'. Absolutely nothing to fear. The greatest discomfort of the whole shebang was when they stuck me for the IV before the procedure. The IV is mostly a precaution but it also gives them somewhere to stick the shot of Versed (sedative) to make you more relaxed during the procedure.

The eye with the new, artificial lens now has razor sharp vision from about 16" and closer (down to about 6"). The far limit was closer to 24" immediately after the surgery but I suppose there was some slight residual swelling in the near aftermath that increased the focal length. I would have preferred it remain at 24" but in terms of minimal functionality, 16" works just as well. That gives me the ability to read a wrist watch, check text messages on my cell phone, or thread a needle without the need for spectacles. As luck would have it, the FAA's near vision eye chart is for use at a distance of 16", and I can read its 20/20 line with room to spare.

I am thrilled with the outcome [i]of that eye[/i], as far as that goes. But what has been problematic is my adaptation. My distance vision (with both eyes open) doesn't seem nearly as sharp as it did when I did the monovision test with the single near vision contact lens in my non-dominant eye, the one that now has a new lens. However, I also have learned that the growth of the cataract in my dominant eye has accelerated, and my distance vision in that eye went from 20/20 to 20/40 in about six months. But my distance vision now with both eyes is so different from what I experienced with the contact lens monovision test, I can't much believe the cataract is responsible for that much change, but time will tell. I am more inclined to believe that the monovision contact lens test isn't necessarily representative of the outcome from the monovision arrangement with IOLs.

I think I'd had enough deterioration in visual acuity in the dominant eye, the one that still has a cataract, that I would have immediately been eligible for surgery on it, but only if I'd had complaints about a loss of functionality. The technician who did the testing hinted as much, but I think my eye doc obviously is refraining from pushing me into having the other eye done unless and until I choose to I press the issue. My next exam is in October, and I intend to ask for the second surgery then.

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