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Hey everyone,

I need some help!!!!

In the past three years, I have this happen 6 times. Sometimes it involves a sinus infection, sometimes not. I get really red, goopy, irritated eyes. Like vampire eyes. I don't know what causes it.

My most recent one is as follows: Last week, have a slight headcold, that turns into a sinus infection. Wake up with both eyes glued shut. SUPER red, like blood red. Go to urgent care, they say "sinus infection and conjunctivitis". I have three small kids and a husband, and they don't have this. They give me 10 days of Augmentin and an eye antibiotic drop, called Ciprofloxin. I just finished the drops yesterday. Woke up this morning with REALLY RED goopy eyes. My sinus infection seems cleared, and just finishing up the lingering cold. WHAT is up with my freaking eyes? The tear throughout the day. I tried just an over the counter antihistimine drop today, and it cleared a lot of the red ness. But they are just uncomfortable and dry. Could the antibiotic have made them worse? I've never had that one before, I usually get Gentamicin drops. So, maybe my eyes are rebounding with dryness??

Any thoughts on why in the past three years my eyes like to go crazy? I can't figure it out. I don't wear contacts. I do have a lot of allergies and sinus issues, but my sinus issues come and go. I had some surgery on them a year ago to help out. But as I type this my eyes are itchy and I just want to rub them!

AHHH! Please help!

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